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Monticule Festival 2019

19 juin /12:00 - 23 juin /8:00

In the winter of 2014 a group of friends sat in the backroom of a club which is not around anymore. One of them passed his phone to share some pictures with the others. What they saw, was a foggy mystical place, studded with old oaks, a deep-blue water fountain, monastery ruins and a brightly lit firmament. It didn’t take long for the boys to be packed into a small car, heading into the depths of the french countryside. When they arrived, a collective vision flashed across their minds, the vision of a festival which is more than a long rave. A safe space for lovely people, a journey through the different patterns of the music universe, a natural experience which replenishes energies and leaves souls and bodies feeling better once the party’s over.

5 years later the baby has grown a bit. An essential piece of our vision became a reality. Today’s Monticule is our summer camp with benefits — the Monte Verità in the Land of Festivals. All this only happened because of the humans around us. Our friends who supported this vision from the very first second with 100% love and you, the most peaceful and lovely festival crowd we’ve seen so far. Expect full dedication and many surprises for our 5th Anniversary.

Let’s bring the hill back to life again

Universal Love


Amandra live (Arphe Records / Paris)
Antwn (Positive Education / St. Etienne)
Arabian Panther (La Chinerie / Toulouse)
Asaf Samuel (Malka Tuti / Tel Aviv)
A Strange Wedding (Positive Education / St. Etienne)
Benjamin Fröhlich (Permanent Vacation / Munich)
Blawan (Ternesc / London)
Camila Fuchs live (ATP Recordings / Lisbon)
Clara Cuvé (Stock 5 / Berlin)
Cønfetti (La Berlinoise / Toulouse)
Courtesy (Kulør / Copenhagen)
Curses live (dischi autunno / Berlin)
Dima Oboukhov (Acephale / Cologne)
Maxence (Dissidance / Berlin)
Fantastic Twins live (Optimo Music / Berlin)
Fez (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Flo Scheuer (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Fog Puma (Mystic Moods / Berlin)
Gilb’R (Versatile Records / Cologne)
Hulk Hodn (ENTBS / Cologne)
I:Cube live (Versatile Records / Paris)
Jan Schulte (Salon des Amateurs / Düsseldorf)
Jennifer Cardini (Correspondant / Berlin)
Joscha Creutzfeld (Dublab / Cologne)
Judaah (BFDM / Marseille)
Jules Gaardls (La Berlinoise / Paris)
Katzele (Malka Tuti / Berlin)
La Staab (Blitz Club / Munich)
Low Bat (BFDM / Berlin)
Low Jack (BFDM / Paris)
M. Rux live + DJ (Tal der Verwirrung / Berlin)
Manfredas (Les Disques de La Mort / Vilnius)
Martha van Straaten (Laut & Luise / Berlin)
Max Vincent Raw (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Michal Zietara (Wilde Renate / Berlin)
OKO DJ (BFDM / Paris)
P-T2 (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Parfait & Raär (Possession / Paris)
Phillip Jondo (Salon des Amateurs / Cologne)
Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis (Morphine Records / Berlin)
RSS Disco (Mireia Records / Hamburg)
San Quentin (Pappendisko / Munich)
Sascha Funke (Multi Culti / Berlin)
Shimé (Naiv Studios / Munich)
Simo Cell (BFDM / Lyon)
Stenny (Ilian Tape / Munich)
Tako (Music From Memory/ Amsterdam)
The Pilotwings live (BFDM / Lyon)
Thur Deephrey (Pappendisko / Munich)
VELI x VIWO (MRT / Munich)
vinson (Naiv Studios / Munich)
Walter Wolff (Pappendisko / Munich)
Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt live (Growing Bin / Düsseldorf)
Yannic Bartel (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Zenker Brothers (Ilian Tape / Munich)
Zeno (Naiv Studios / Munich)

■ tickets:

■ Release 1: 105€ + fee SOLD OUT
■ Release 2: 115€ + fee SOLD OUT
■ Release 3: 130€ + fee SOLD OUT
■ Release 4: 145€ + fee SOLD OUT
■ Release 5: 160€ + fee


Début :
19 juin /12:00
Fin :
23 juin /8:00
Site Web :


Monticule Festival