Weekly Shot | Sex On The Beats #2

So friends, how is June turning out for you? Relaxing? Stressful? Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool? Getting a bit sweaty under the arms? Depends on the day, as you rightly say. But one thing’s for sure is that as the summer approaches, the more your body just needs to up its quota of professional physical contacts. Come on admit it, you’re not showing all that for nothing. Yes, it’s hot, but what do we do when we’re hot? Huh? We FUCK. Yes indeed. It’s a bit trivial but I suppose you’ll be getting used to it by now, no? I fuck you fuck he she it fucks we fuck you fuck they fuck. There, and afterwards you feel better, fingers crossed (or uncrossed, depending on what you prefer). That said, if you are a guy and you decide to show off your lovely hairy ankles by wearing cut-off trousers, the whole sex thing may well be a separate challenge. But really you know that already, don’t you, deep down insider your ASOS boxers. In any case, what better music to make love to with sensuality, finesse and swaggy bounce than a little selection of smooth hip hop and electro beats, that melt like ice cubes on your burning torso? Yeah? Not really enjoying the image of rubbing yourself with ice cubes? Wait a little, then, before pressing play on volume 2 of this Weekly Shot – Sex on the Beat, and the tiny part of your being that feels sexy on a Monday afternoon might spark up, even though you’re crouched over your computer like 90% of the screenbound population.

When you’re ready then, click, fill a glass, taste, be sensual, give it all you’ve got, and then let us know how it went. Hopefully you’ll be able to get through the whole playlist? Who can last past track 8?

So, as the Italians say (obviously), alla vostra!

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