Weekly Shot | Groove Tonic #3

We’ve been busy in the lab concocting the third sample of our Groove Tonic, in our series of Weekly Shots. The chaps have been at the decks slaving away, spinning a bit o’ this and a bit o’ that to make what, if you’re not already familiar with it, ends up being a homeopathic treatment made up of 10 tracks from the genre we in the lab have labelled electronic groove funk. With multiple uses, the treatment can be taken by our readers who are currently on holiday (by the way, we hate you), as well as by our readers who are still thigh-deep in their daily routine of public transport – study – work – unemployment – public transport – drinks down the pub – exhaustion…

Those in the first category will be able to shake their tail feathers whilst poking the (fucking) mint leaves with their (fucking) straw in their (fucking) mojito surrounded by their (fucking annoying) group of friends in their (fucking shit) villa by the (shitty) sea. AAAAHH. It’s too much for us. For the second category, they’d be best downing this shot immediatedly on waking, then turning their week into a sort of hazy and endless bender. Like an excuse to get tipsy, go out every night and give those neurotransmitters that have already been thoroughly frazzled by the heat of these last few months a break.

 Instructions for the correct dosage of this Groove Tonic Weekly Shot #3:

                1. Lean forward onto your computer/take out your smartphone
                2. Move your mouse onto the following player/hold your overpriced telephone firmly and slide across your greasy thumb
                3. Click/click
                4. Amazing tracks will come out, amazing!
                5. Follow the previous steps as many times as you wish


Old, new, American, Russian, Paris-blend from our pal Dimitri, some edits, some remixes, some extended versions, some things you’ll definitely recognise and some others that you’ll hear for the first time. In short: good old groove from top and bottom drawers!

Additional information:

As opposed to our monthly compilation cocktail which is comprised of all (or most) genres (which you can still listen to again here by the way), the weekly shots focus on one particular style: 10 tracks of pop/rock, hip hop, electro or, as in this case, groove, to down in one.

You can find all of our cocktails and weekly shots just here.

Description of side effects:

Listening to 10 good songs in one go can cause you to then go and wallow in musical mire. This has been scientifically proven. So watch out for your YouTube suggestions.

Right, let’s clear the lab bench with one swift swoop of the arm, the pipettes and beakers flying onto the floor in a marvellous smash, and then pour the liquor into a nice big glass, down it in one and proclaim loudly, as the Filipinos do, « mabhuhay »

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