Weekly Shot – Electro Sour #3

You remember what the teachers say to get those motivational vibes going – new term, new week, new shot. Ok maybe not the last bit. But if you were in Paris two weekends ago at the first edition of Club Limo, you’ll be needing one by now. Daniel Leseman & Junktion aka Fouk! came especially from their native Holland to entertain the Limonadier’s listeners/followers/winners.

This time, it’s an explosive ‘Electro Sour’ cocktail that awaits you, and it’s gonna smack you behind your head to get you off to a good start. As its name clearly suggests, this Weekly Shot is made of many things that have more or less something to do with electronica, from the sweetest to the harshest meaning of the term. And as usual, this is an all-you-can-drink cocktail selection. Ten pieces that range between house music, deep house, techno, all of them aiming to get you through to next weekend.

Cheers! Or as they say in Indonesia, selamat minum!

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Rémi, je contribue au Limo principalement en tant que traducteur français/anglais, et donne des coups de main pour les évènements. Mon Cocktail Préféré : Le Bourbon Sour bien fort (et pas trop sucré).