Weekend Wolves‘s latest EP can cause night sweats, moody vibes and even nightmares.

You might think that behind this stage name hides a group (or perhaps a pack) that get their kicks from dressing up as canine mammals at their concerts, in order to scare little girls. However that’s not the case. Weekend Wolves is a one-man act, he’s German and until now he hasn’t shown any signs of being the type to dress up in public. As we’ll find out little by little in this article, he is even rather reserved and mysterious.

According to his Soundcloud description, « Weekend Wolves is the monster in your closet, the dark shadowy corridor at 2am when you need the toilet and are catching the last train home. » This persona is demonstrated in « CONTROL », a production that blurs electro and pop. The song came out a few months ago, along with a very weird music video in which eyes, faces and geometric shapes mix together.

Don’t ask me about the artistry because I honestly don’t have the answer, but it’s completely hypnotic, perhaps even a bit scary if you turn off the lights and watch it in the dark:

With his new EP, entitled I CFL II TIME – the names of the two songs that make it up- Weekend Wolves confirms his desire to make the connection between a hazy pop and double tempo electro , even stretching to techno with some tracks, in order to add a frenzied touch to the hazy and laid-back feel of his compositions.

Let’s take a look at the first of the two tracks, « CFL » and its video, a reference to the famous music video « Star Guitar »Chemical Brothers, directed by the French film director Michel Gondry. But with no special effects and set in the 50s:

Weekend Wolves’ music undoubtedly reminds us of the well-known Scottish duo now referenced among legends of modern electronic music. I’m talking, of course, about Boards of Canada.

The second track is a great surprise too. “TIME” is a skilled mix between an effective house rhythm and a scorching pop with honeyed tones, in keeping with what he usually offers. The vocals, like on each of his tracks, play a decisive role, blending in a way that is sometimes dizzying. It’s really well produced, deutsche Qualität naturally, and it could well have featured on Jamie XX’s latest album.

Not much information to give as there are still so many mysteries. Whilst waiting for more to be revealed about this young wolf, you can get the EP I CFL II TIME here. Weekend Wolves is definitely an artist to follow this year.

Cheers 😉