The Underachievers – Star Signs / Generation Z Video

Signed, sealed, delivered. The Underachievers have sent out their new video for « Star Signs/Generation Z » straight off their second album Evermore: The Art of Duality, which was released on the 25th September.

Partly eerie, with 2 ghostly rappers wandering through purple, starry skied Flatbush; but also an aggressive and realist classic cut of gig clips and street-level sequences. The video is divided into 2 parts, playing strongly on a concept of duality.

With explicit yet flowing lyrics, an all-star set of collaborations shows off their various influences and inspirations, featuring artists such as Pro Era (Joey Bada$$’ collective), Flying Lotus (AK & Issa Gold recorded E:TAOD on Brainfeeder when the label was created in 2008), and A$AP Mob (off A$AP Rocky’s collective).

Also take note of “Chasing Faith x Rain Dance Allusion”. Although a psychedelic ride in itself, it provides the more geographically desolate opening scenery of the Nevada desert, before we watch them drive off into the drug-hazed horizon of Las Vegas in a bright pink convertible.