The Mighty Mocambos – Showdown LP

Today we’re not writing about a band, not about a project, but about a real institution. Since 2006, the Mighty Mocambos have been getting everyone in Germany excited about deep funk, as well as funk afficionados around the world. Not content to just play together, they’ve started their own production and distribution label, a real powerhouse of addictive tracks.

Far from clichés of soul/funk revival locked up in over-edited  sound, the Mighty Mocambos have above all always remained vinyl lovers and therefore appreciate great sounds. We quite appreciate this too, as you can imagine.

As well as having collaborated with a host of other labels such as Kay Dee, Truth & Soul, Légère or Tram, the group recently released an album with plenty of tasty, well thought-out features on a quality soundbed. More than just an album, the collection is thought of as a sort of ‘best of’, an arrangement of the best. Here you can listen right away to one of the first tracks released on the internet and it’s a prestigious collaboration in which you can find Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk, Hektek and Deejay Snoop, all of which feature throughout the whole album:

Undoubtedly inspired by the monstrous sidemen of 70s funk, being in control of the whole production chain of their sounds gives them complete freedom. They have been able to use this freedom to deliver a sharp and perfected sound- the features then provide the space needed for it all to breathe thanks to talkbox, samples and vocals. The guitars remind us of homebred Alabama soul, even though our Mighty friends hail from Germnay.

Given their niche in the market and the format of their distribution, you will most certainly have the opportunity to hear them in mixes that will get your booty shaking this summer. Craig Charles is also on board- several samples of the Mighty Mocambos on the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on the BBC. If you’re still skeptical, we’ll leave you with the opening track of the album, and perhaps the most symbolic, as it comes from Peter Thomas, the composer of over 500 original soundtracks, honouring them with a classy piano and orchestral arrangements like only he knows how to:

Warning: official video, but quite kitsch

The whole album is available to stream on Bandcamp, but let’s not forget how this is supposed to be enjoyed: on some delivious vinyl! They played a couple of dates in London and Manchester this spring, but if you’re in Paris you can also see them live next Thursday 19th June at ‘L’alimentation generale’ by the Canal Saint Martin.

– Live performance at l’Alimentation Générale in Paris- 19/06 –

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