The Limonadier Cocktail #19 – September 2015

September: « Oh this. Again ». There’s nothing you can do about it, so why’s it got to be such a downer?

Back in the day all you needed was your new multi-coloured gel pens, or a giant eraser, and you were happy. That feeling can come back, and this time it doesn’t involve arguing with your mum about why you need a new pencilcase because last year’s is uncool. All you need now is sweet, sweet music. Read on.

It’s time for us here at the Limo to plug our ears back in and we’re crackling with excitement to share some titillating tracks, exclusive videos and articles with you … and we’ll even be organising some parties that will heat you up to the tropical temperatures you deserve. We’re so pumped we can practically already feel the illicit substances in our veins.

For this 19th serving of the Limo cocktail, we have a hefty dose of positive audio waves. Just press play and BOOM! the bass will embrace you, and the trebles set the air dancing. And, as always, this music will take you to places, genres and sensations you’ve never heard of before. Our school runs on groove and good vibes…

Imagine you’ve just found your mates in the playground after a long and boring summer break, and raise your little cartons of milk in the air to drink to the new school year.

“Cheers”! Or as they say in Hebrew בריאות !!

Graphic design by Sophie OZR:


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