TERAXX – The Whisper EP

Stand by, the Limonadier is getting its overhead projector out. Today’s class is on a young French artist who makes electronic music, more specifically in a form of techno that’s more for being mellow than for dancing. He’s called TERAXX. For his first EP, Teraxx got involved with a really recently started Parisian label that people have been talking about since they released Momentum at the beginning of this year. Momentum was a promising hybrid project, mixing music and video. There was also a micro-house album signed by the co-founder of the Octav Rolan label and a wacko short film directed by Alexandre Charrière. By the way, go and have a look over there and a listen over here.

The new project is called The Whisper EP, and it’s made up of 4 original tracks and 2 remixes. We get the techno influences obviously, but there’s also house and garage there. The loops are so minimalist that they’re almost clinical, before sometimes being transformed into complex melodies in which each instrument (or blip) has its place. So it’s at once purified and melodic, and Théry Panigot (yup, that’s his real name) tells you a story with it. It’s a story about the bottom of abysses or the limits of space, but he tells you under his breath, as if he were whispering in your ear… The story starts with « Odyssée » (it was written thus). From the start, the rhythms are filtered before revealing themselves progressively, like a murmur (obviously)… Then there’s a pad which takes you on a journey that you already know is going to be a perillous adventure. The bass is quite subtle, held back, whilst the snare starts to tremble. You’re there. The first break is at 3’10 »: it’s like being in vapours, then the reverb gets going and a little tinkling piano comes through. Yes, tinkling. Anyway it goes off again in an almost more beautiful way, the pads grumble and hit against one another. Second break at 5’15 ». This time the rythms set the tone. The end of the track is punchy, as was written from the outset.

We then come to « Shades », the second track, which is also an invitation to explore your senses. Everything starts off with kicks, a blunted bass and cosmic sounds which make it just as spatial as temporal. Arpeggios come in progressively and set off rhythms which come together and find their definitive shape after the first drop at 2’18 ». At 3’20 » comes the second break. Then the bass gets going and it all becomes pretty groovy. The end of the track is pretty powerful as well, with the instrumentals melding well together and making you want to dance.

« Nami », the next song, seems to materialise a Coldplay fan’s heartbreak. The start of the track is langourous, dented with melancholy and tenderness, and the second half is again more punchy than ever, with this bass we love that keeps getting crazy before adding a third kick in backwards time to mark the end of the track with a bang.

Finally, « The Whisper », the eponymous title and the last of these four original compositions, daringly moves into some garage and sounds weirdly more « UK » than the others. This impression probably comes from the choice of sounds and the bassline which has quite a complex form, and defines the direction of the track. The enormous break around 5″52″ and the incredible trance that it produces are pretty excellent.

Let’s move on to the remixes, which are both of the track I’ve just discussed above. The version by Opprefish (Infiné/Délicieuse Rec.) goes more over to the house line, with a groovy bass line and an almost tropical aspect. The remix to keep, however, is definitely the one by Jacques, who’s the figurehead of the Pains Surprises Records label. He’s taken the title literally, and you hear whisperings on his mix. The recorded voices and the strange metallic sounds you hear in the background come from his squat. You can read Jacques’ interview about this by the way in traxx magazine, it’s quite entertaining. For example, he tells us « It has a sentimental value for me because you can hear my friend Gain whisper when the drop at 3’38 » happens; you can hear tortelloni cooking, the general chaos, etc… »


This little visit has now reached its end.

You can download The Whisper EP on beatport.

Go and like Teraxx on facebook and soundcloud by the way, that will put a smile on his face.


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