Snoop Dogg feat. Stevie Wonder & Pharrell Williams – California Roll (Official Video)

Sometimes Snoop Dogg makes me think of Vladimir Putin. I mean, obviously he’s not annexing off entire provinces and has never been a part of the KGB, but he always manages to pull the right card from the pack. Against all odds. Doing what ever he fancies, we’re left wondering: has Snoop Dogg had enough of rap? A beat here, a loop there, a bit of reggae alla Major Lazer (Major Lazer is now a reference it seems. We feel old.) Feel like a tweeny pop single, that handily rakes in the dollars and a brand new fan base? Well hello there, Katy Perry & co. (Business is Business, Love comes second.) Feel like rekindling some old flames despite having moved on? Boom. A G-funk album with Dam-Funk released on Stone Throw (please, sir, thank you!) I give up. The list of his many adventures is far too long.

And behind all these many epic escapades, the astonishing career and thriving business, it seems that Dee Oh Double Gee has found himself strolling along a completely new career path. And as usual, our dear friend has come out on top. At least to a certain extent. In light of all his success (excluding reggae of course), the MC’s decision to mix in pretty much everything from his rep from the past years is actually pretty enjoyable. With his 13th album, Bush, The Doggfather seems to sprout songs, having worked with Pharrell on production, mixing pop and funk to give the world a volume of hits of the highest order. And that is exactly what “California Roll” is. A simple, clean and upbeat track that just sounds like Summer 2015. And that’s without counting the impressive video. See for yourself:

I’m not going to launch into an in-depth analysis of the sometimes hit, sometimes miss, album – that’s not what this article is about. I can, however, tell you that if you like your glass filled with pop and topped up with funk, and you like Pharrell (yes I know I’m repeating myself there), A-list features (Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Charlie Wilson) and songs that radiate the Californian sun, then you will not be disappointed. Amateurs of pure g-funk and west coast rap, will, however, be significantly less satisfied with the 10 track, a far cry from his works of yesteryear. For those interested, Bush is already available in both its physical form, and its MP3 form via iTunes. Les us know what you think!