Skepta – Shutdown (video)

Only the AWOL would have been oblivious to the wacko that is Skepta these past few weeks. The Grime legend is everywhere, from numerous music-specific websites, performing and in the studio with Kanye West, etc. To the unfamiliar, his music is a combination of UK Garage, Hip Hop and Ragga. It’s a funny mix but a striking one especially with his strong London accent. Here’s a classic from the genre:

 Always looking out for new musical trends, our American friends are pretty keen on this new vibe, which has existed for many years but has only recently been in the spotlight. The London grimer has already had a solid career behind him. 3 albums and 3 mixtapes. Even though he’s spent much less time performing these past two years, the charismatic MC has kindly gratified us with a few bangers of late. Such as his collaboration with the peculiar Wiki, in all his (lack of) toothly splendour…take a look:

Surrounded by hype that continues to grow, Joseph Junior Adenuga has found himself living a second youth in 2015. And his great « Shutdown » released in March doesn’t say otherwise. The guy is as chilled as any mega famous rapper, the sick but melodic beat will make most producers hail with lyrics that shoot down his victims without mercy. False rastas, muslims and the famous fashion week are put in their place. The rapper doesn’t fall short of using his voice to preach down and expose truths. His punchlines, said with love, come a-plenty:

« You wanna act like a G for the camera You say you’re Muslim, you say you’re Rasta Say you don’t eat pork, don’t eat pussy Liar, you’re just a actor »

The hit had enormous potential and needed to be supported by good visuals. This explains why the talented Grace La Doja who has already worked with FKA Twigs, among others, was taken on board. The video breaks out in the same way as the music, raw and effectively! The rapper’s entourage, only dressed in black and white, are seen in the Barbican’s concrete jungle in Central East London. Enough to frighten a frail neighbour with sounds from the rougher parts of town. To be frank, there’s nothing special about the video, it’s more the track that’s worth hearing. Those of you that are new to Grime or its neighbouring styles might find it shocking at first, but once you get into it you won’t be able to say no.. Time for grime:

His new album titled Konnichiwa hasn’t been given a precise release date yet. But we’re onto it. If you want to break out of your classic hip hop routine, try this phenomenon out. Only good will come out of it. And as for the Parisians rushing to see him this Wednesday at Social Club, get ready for the holy mess he and his entourage are going to make. It’s going to be something.