Serie Limitee 007

« Série Limitée Records is a vinyl only label focused on quality house music. Very limited quantities and no re-press. ». This description is perhaps a good way to begin this article; it perfectly summarises the spirit of the label.

Think this is a bit pretentious? Best to find out more and definitely listen to their stuff before you judge…

Série Limitée Records was created in 2013 by Cedric Sabras, aka DJ and producer Monsieur Cedric, with some pretty well-established artists at the heart of the label: Jordan Fields, Steve Frisco, Joey Kay; with more to come such as Flabaire and DKO Records; and a few surprises like work from Jimini, Aldo and Desos.

A deep respect for the music forms the basis of all their releases and this is what gives the label its life blood: respect for the musicians, respect for house music’s origins and above all respect for quality. So when the previews of the label’s 7th release were out, we just headed straight for the sofa and pressed play…

The EP begins with a Neuronphase track. There wasn’t much about this artist online, except that he released two tracks in 1995 on a random Estonian house music compilation. “Life in the Party” plunges us into a muted atmosphere, almost passing through death, dogs barking, almost as if you’ve just left a dark club in the suburbs of Talinn at 6am. Very atmospheric, the second part of the track is a lot lighter, with a hypnotic and heady lead.

« Frankfurt Weekenders » by Le Rubrique and Jacob Stoy (discovered by the fantastic label Uncanny Valley) is part of a more classic dimension. The huge bass line, omnipresent pad and synth combine a set of complex sounds. A testimony to the great work and know-how of the two partners.

The B side begins with Ana Xander’s « Daddy’s Throbbing Groove », a track marked by several offbeats, as well as a total discordance of instruments. We are placed into an introspective malaise, prompting us to reflect on our purpose and our position in the world.

The EP ends with “Change of Perspective” by Flabaire. The pioneer producer of DKO gives us a successful reinterpretation of traditional house. The very 90s-like sounds bouncing in all directions, the most harmonious pads possible, an ultra-efficient rhythm and perfect vocals. No frills, the job’s done, you are transported back in time and my God it’s good!

As you’ll have understood by now, if you’re looking for great quality house music to share with your friendly downstairs neighbours (!), you’ve found the right EP and most of all, the right label.

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