Record Store Recommendations #4 – Chez Emile Records

For the fourth edition of Record Store Recommendations, here’s a well-established shop that we here at Limo have a serious soft spot for. It’s always a treat to find one which fits the bill, both in terms of its selection and the people behind the scenes. As you’ll have gathered by now, we reckon that Chez Emile Records is one such establishment, offering a great welcome and recommendations to boot.

As the summer holidays came to an end, we headed to Lyon to meet Léo, one of its founders. We found out a little more about the story so far and what’s in ‘store’ for this marvellous shop, as well as delving into his current playlist.


Hi Léo, how long has Chez Emile Records been around?

I would say since the beginning of human memory – effectively since the creation of the universe. But jokes aside, Chez Emile has existed since October 2013.

How did the idea to open the shop come about?

In Lyon at the beginning of 2013, Gaétan, Olivier and I began to feel like castaways. We had the idea as we didn’t have anywhere to hang out on a daily basis. Around the same time, lots of clubs were opening in Lyon and the number of club promoters was growing rapidly. So, there was this palpable night-time outlet for electronic music, but nothing for the daytime, and no resources that related to our definition of the electronic music scene at that moment in time. That’s what we needed above all: a tangible location that would be accessible and symbolic. The shop is geared towards vinyl because the format remains a shared passion for us. In the digital age, it can seem a bind…and it is. It’s for people who have the time to devote to music, who revere it or want to get better acquainted with it. It’s not for the kinds of listeners who look at music as a default source of background noise. It’s our favourite way of sharing and exchanging music, whilst doing it justice.

What makes up the bulk of your sales?

Although our catalogue is specific, it remains quite eclectic. There’s now a second hand section with 90s records we’ve unearthed in Europe and Africa from veteran collectors! But the majority of our sales come from new records. We try to represent the entire spectrum of electronic music that’s available, whilst still casting a critical eye and offering a selection that challenges our perceptions. The most important thing is music discovery.

What are your plans for the future?

Lyon is a great place to be a creative. We’ve got the infrastructure, the perseverance and a wonderful unity, which allows artists and musicians of all types to collaborate. We want the store to be the social face of electronic music.

We’re also here to support various musical projects, offering advice and help with management. This year will see us adopt more of a ‘label’ guise.

We’re keen to see how that all unfolds! Let’s move on to your playlist…

Sun Ra & His Arkestra« The Satellites Are Spinning » / BYG. Reissue from the cult 70s free jazz group led by Herman Poole Blount.

Archie Pelago« Frederyck Swerl » / Mister Saturday Night. A 2015 release from the exuberant New York label. Brooklyn’s Archie Pelago trio boast an impressive discography.

Moritz Von Oswald Trio« Sounding Line 5 » / HONEST JONS. A classic from Maurice, the definition of a boss.

George Kamm « 矢野顕子 »/ MACADAM MAMBO. Lyon-based label Macadam is led by Dr Mambo, who also makes cracking cuts for the Macadam Mambo offshoot. The artwork is killer.

Dj Assassin« A Face In The Crowd (Intellidread mix)«  / CROSS SECTION. Cross Section has been struck by reissue fever this month.

3.14 « Simon D33 » / CLFT. A persistent beat from the techno-loving Lyon label.

Thanks for your time, Léo!
>> Take a trip to Chez Emile Records, 4 rue Constantine, Lyon, to check it out for yourself <<

Cheers 😉


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