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Dear readers, you know that one of the Limo’s Leitmotivs is to pop the corks of the finest new brews in music, so here’s a brew indeed with the new EP from the very young label Blaq numbers. Blaq numbers was founded at the beginning of this year 2015 from an opportunity from Matthias Fiedler, a talented young German artist. This opportunity was his meeting with Gjaezon, a singer who worked with well-established artists such as Santé, Mathias Kaden and Douglas Greed. Clearly, Matthias Fiedler was keen on the prospect of woring with Gjaezon, so he went ahead and contacted him and was accepted. One thing led to another and the collaboration became two tracks and several remixes, which was enough material for an EP… And behold: Blaq numbers was born! So enough with the introductions, let’s go and attack the nervous system: the sound. And it so happens that we feel good and spoiled in terms of sound. Kings & Queens EP is here for your pleasure:

It starts off with « Kings & Queens Original Mix », a resolutely deep track coproduced with Carlo from the Neovinyl label, a keyboard/sax sample base, Gjaezon’s vocals come in, the kick gets going with a nice bass line. The track is in the tradition of old-style House with a dash of recent House in the way it’s built. Would be an excellent introductory track for a set. With the second track « Speakerbox Original Mix », we’re talking about slow deep house. It’s a purified structure focused on the vocal part by Gjaezon. The rhythms are extremely clean, with the hats, snares and congas in perfect harmonie. Almost perfect chill. The rest of the EP is shared between a series of remixes of « Speakerbox ». The first is « Speakerbox Odysea Nightdivin’ remix ». Almost without vocals, with lots of pads, the bassline is properly present and Gjaezon’s voice is used like an instrument. There’s an almost acid synth which comes in to bring a change in the track.

The second remix is « Speakerbox Oliver Gerhmann remix », in which Oliver Gerhmann offers us a very personal vision of the track, completely different from the original. His version is much more for dancing to, especially with the rhythm keyboard which brings in a nice dynamic.

The third remix, « Speakerbox Perel remix » is signed Perel and goes into a really tribal dimension. There’s lots of inspiration from bass music that you can hear in the brass sounds. The fourth remix of « Speakerbox » is the one by Ranko and it’s an almost ‘dubstep future bass’ interpretation of the track. The rhythm is syncopated and there’s a play going on between the vocals and the breaks, with some kind-of DnB moments. Finally, the fifth remix is the one which the Limo is laying out on a platter today: the second remix of  « Speakerbox » by Odysea, the « Daygroovin » version! Its name is well-chosen because it’s properly groovy with a rounded bassline that bounces to the max, dynamix pads and a purified rhythm pattern. The deepness that we love, it’s got it. GO ON and press PLAY for this exclusive track.

So we have to patiently wait for mid-July to pop down to your favourite recordstore as soon as this first release by Blaqnumber shows its little face!

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