Paxton Fettel – Everything Stays the Same LP

Close your eyes and think of three words to sum the followed sentence up up: Denmark and Japan, brought together in one album. The first that come to my mind are ‘refined’, ‘chilled’ and ‘harmonious’. Like the sound of that? Well you should definitely check out the new album « Afloat On A Sea Of Nothing » from Danish artist Paxton Fettel, who has collaborated with Tayuka Matsumoto from Japan.

Paxton is completely at home in the charts, having already released with Noir Music, Apersonal Music, and Greta Music Workshop. Looks like he’s going to be staying there, too, with his new 8-track release « Everything Stays The Same ». The subtle Dream House production eases the listener into an emotional, laid back state of mind. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the summer.

Let’s have a quick roundup to give you a sense of this artists vast palette of musical inspiration. « Tripped Out » is an awesome rework of Curtis Mayfield: Paxton mixes in bass, scintillating keyboard sounds, and a groovy baseline to give the track a whole new cosmic feel.

Paxton’s remix of « Ghostly » by Jesper Ryom really shows off rearrangement skills. The kick is less obvious than that of the original, which was a little too Deep House for our taste here at Limonadier. Paxton sands down the corners to give the track a smoother, more chilled out vibe, in a style similar to Junktion. It emphasises the lightness of the vocals, and reminds us of the mesmerising track « The Child » by Alex Gopher.

If these tunes have tickled your fancy, we highly recommend that you listen to the full album, which came out on May 25th. You can find it in both digital and vinyl on Greta Cottage Workshop.