ØRKA – Phantom

It’s often enjoyable to scroll and click one’s way aimlessly across the internet, hoping to stumble upon something good to listen to. That is pretty much how we found ØRKA’s mysterious Soundcloud profile – it was the irrestible cool emanating from all things Scandinavian (is that not over yet? It appears not). This page contains only two tracks, but they were more than enough to make us fall under their spell. Indeed, we know little about this weirdo. What we know is that he’s based in Miami, and that his influences are rather varied: James Blake, Flying Lotus, Flume, Gigi Masin and that’s about it. But does that really matter? Let’s rather look at the very essence of his music and on those two tracks that he just released in quick succession.

Two months ago, ‘Tell Me’ came out – a melancholic track that came out of thin air (thank you, world wide web). A few delicate piano notes that mingled perfectly with the artist’s full voice. The lyrics are basically an ode to his long-lost sweetheart. Nothing very original so far. But from the fourth minute on, the talented musician delivers a piece of saxophone that sounds successfully retro, which completes the picture more or less perfectly. Enjoy:

Well aware that the music blogosphere’s interest was piqued by his first output, ØRKA renewed the experience a few weeks ago and offered us once again a nice gem, called ‘Phantom’. He used the same ingredients for this recipe: a minimalistic production that features delicious chords (this time played by a guitar), a universel topic (i.e. passion) and this is it. Might seem easy at first. As for singing, he won’t hesitate reaching for the high notes and seems even more confident when doing so. An impressive vocal performance. We can feel that he particularly enjoys instrumental experiments at the end of his tracks and ‘Phantom’ does not derogate from the rule. Indeed, you can here a final guitar solo that succeeds in spicing up the repetitive tempo of the track. There is little to add to the subject, the music speaks for itself:

The musician from Florida belongs to this new breed of indy artists with several hats. With his work, he easily catches the listener’s attention thanks to his savory cocktail of electronic sonorities with hints of pop notes. We hope that he won’t rest on his laurels and that other nice tracks will follow in the coming weeks. Since Sir ØRKA is generous, you can download his two titles and add them to your music library which, no doubt, must be well furnished. In other words: good sound for your ears that you can take away anywhere for free. Now close your eyes and let yourself carried away by the magnificent ØRKAian universe.

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