Miles From Kinshasa — Ivry (vidéo)

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as his homonymic name suggests, Miles From Kinshasa now lives in South London. After some serious digging, and determined googling, we can’t find much else to get our teeth into.  In fact, he made his first ever official appearance only last month. We came across his profile by chance, after a few clicks here and there. And so we allowed ourselves to be tempted by the only clip on his Soundcloud profile, « Ivry« :

… you have to admit it’s been a pretty enjoyable 4:36 minutes. Producer, composer and singer all in one, the young Londoner rewards us with a languid beat with a hint of groove which definitely hits the spot.  His voice is cool and we’re already humming along to the futuristic R&B vibe: “All the time you’re away”.
It’s a captivating track with a dark and sombre – but incredibly impressive – video. Directed by the man himself, the video has him clad in a bomber jacket and a distinctive balaclava, wired up to the max. Half dancing, half walking, he fixes the camera and never shifts his demonic gaze, which could be disturbing to those of a sensitive disposition. He’s a sort of Kanye West from the underworld, as if he’d just been upstaged at the Grammy’s….the character he wanted to recreate in the video is, he says, a combination of the three sidekicks of the French film la Haine: Hubert, Vinz and Sayid. Pretty explosive characters, then. We won’t summarise the whole film for you, but it’s a reference that comes from Miles’ childhood holidays spent in the “hood” of Ivry sur Seine.

You’ll also notice the video’s very retro 90s look, the perfect backdrop for the wacky character. However, if you want something more, a couple of massive cars and some flashing of the big notes, move on, Miles definitely isn’t very bling bling. The proof is in the picture, and we can happily listen to the clip again, just for fun:

Despite the lack of action, it’s somehow not boring. It just goes to show there’s no need for a ridiculous budget to keep us gripped.

SPOILER: At the end of the video we can hear the mythical phrase taken from Kassovitz’ film La Haine: “So far so good…So far so good…”, cousin Hub’s words. A few seconds later, if we really concentrate, there’s a vague echo of a very Jai Paul-esque beat, surely he’s giving us a nudge. And we hope he’ll emerge in the coming weeks.

Welcome to the Paris suburbs!

We can only tell you to have a look at his site, which is full of tons of photos and each individually framed by the old school tabs of Windows 95. Oh, nostalgia, what would we do without you!

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