Mac Demarco – Another One LP

Festivalgoers won’t need to be told that Mac DeMarco is both an ubiquitous and quirky artist in the whole pop culture scene. He has notably, in our humble opinion, sent out the funnies/goriest/creepiest – yet legal – music video ever on the internet: a little treasure called « Passing out pieces ». We will shamelessly serve it to you once again, since it’s good for you:

– WARNING : this video is not for the faint-hearted –

(I mean really)


In August Mac DeMarco will release a little album on Captured Tracks with a very inspired title: Another one. Almost too normal to be true, right? We got to have a listen to it, and don’t worry fans, the sound of his first $60 guitar is still there, so he keeps the same good old style. Beyond this, he’s got together some rather cool arrangements which are lighter than usual, but still has his bad whisky voice, but after all, this is also what we’re looking for. However be warned that the first 10 minutes are hardly accessible, if not clearly insufferable for the most vulnerable among us. But this album also features a nice single that will be just perfect for chilling this summer in beach bars, « The way you’d love her »:

You will obviously notice that the cheeky bastard makes absolutely every single composition in the most relaxed manner…perhaps is this due to psychedelic substances? Wait, I think he’s got something to tell us about this:

This might explain why no album longer than 30 minutes ever left his room. For this EP/Album, Mac Demarco even released a making of, which kind of looks like a Vine video that you’d do with your friends – which simply reminds us that all he’s doing is done in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. Have a look:

For those who saw him at Pitchfork a few days ago, you will certainly have heard unreleased extracts before us, you lucky bastards! Since the « enfant terrible » also happens to be a film maker, let’s expect in the coming days a music video that will come with this single, and let’s hope we’ll be able to stay psychologically balanced.