The Limonadier Cocktail #17 – July 2015

Hello Mr Whippys and Lemon Lollies, did you survive the heat wave?

Now it’s time for a little light refreshment … your monthly compilation cocktail shaken up especially for July, in which pretty much every song sounds like « oh yeah, it’s too hot to do any work, ta-dum ta-tum« . It’s a very beach-side and pool-side cocktail, also appropriate for barbecues, weddings, garden parties, slip ‘n’ slide, backgammon tournaments, naked volleyball, and all other traditional outdoor summer activities. Our aim for July was to concoct the definitive summer playlist and, as you will hear, we didn’t put any limits on our choices – this playlist is 100% no-sunhat, no-sunblock and out-in-the-burning-rays-between-twelve-and-two. It’s even been caught swimming after a heavy lunch… who needs time to digest when you’re Afloat on a Sea of Nothing?

To start off, we bring you the summery elegance of Tom Mish‘s « Sunshine », soon followed by a rebooted version of « California Dreamin' ». Nope, it’s neither the Mamas and the papas‘ version, nor the Royal Gigolos version (if you want to give yourself genuine pain and remember what was a tricky moment for all of us back in 2010, go here), no – it’s a version from 1968 and signed by the Master José Féliciano – it’s a sweet track.

A few sips later you’ll be listening to a version of « Big Poppa » by the great Biggie which has been brought up to date by our pal Phoniks, then a song called « Pastis » (otherwise known as that famously yum-yuck aniseed liqueur from the south of France), the latest Thundercat – « Them Changes » – and loads of other tracks that will have you rocking sweetly in the hammock of musical love.

Is there anything more pleasant in this weather than a large glass of fresh Limonadier with ice cubes and mint leaves, with perhaps a splash, a light sploosh, of elderflower cordial? The moment has come! Let’s all raise a toast to this 25-track cocktail, and take our first sip. Happy July to all, and as we say in Sweden – skol!

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Limonadier is now available in English thanks to my inimitable team of French-reading, English-writing waifs and strays. We translate the articles from French, and write new pieces in English.
I like haze pop (Beach House), lyrical hip hop (Rejjie Snow, French 90s), bass (Thundercat, bassy dance music, and things like Pixies and Jack White) and that mysterious genre of proper music which we don’t discuss much here but is quaintly known as ‘classical’.
Il était une fois, le Limonadier était une publication uniquement francophone. Puis vint l’équipe British, lancé par Miss Joanna avec le précieux soutien des chers fondateurs, et c’était parti, vers l’infini et au delà !
Mon cocktail préféré: tequila, citron vert, sucre de canne.