Kiiara- Meet Me In The Cornfield EP

If you haven’t already heard of Kiiara, we apologise in advance for introducing you to a song that you will not be able to stop playing on repeat. “Gold”, the first release from Kiiara’s upcoming Meet Me In The Cornfield EP, is so catchy that it’s almost addictive. Listen to the track below.

Despite being a total unknown at the beginning of the summer, a quick Twitter search reveals just how much the internet is buzzing about this new talent hailing from Illinois. “Gold” was premiered on Fader in June and two more, “Feels” and “Tennessee”, were released soon after. “Gold” is produced by Felix Snow, a producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in music after graduating from NYU’s highly regarded Clive Davis music programme. “Gold”s lyrics are evocative and relatable, about a lover who isn’t treating her right. A fresh, RnB/pop beat serves as the canvas on which Kiiara lays down her breezy, effortless vocals.

« Feels », the second track of the EP, was also produced by Felix Snow along with Brenton Duvall and has more of a chilled vibe – The Weeknd-esque; not as upbeat as « Gold » yet just as alluring.

The third release, « Tennessee » can only be described as sexy. In the Soundcloud comments, the beat is repeatedly referred to as ‘dope’ with followers insisting that Kiiara can ‘do no wrong’. Hopefully this is true as we eagerly await more releases from this new talent. At just 20 years old, her future looks bright and exciting.

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