Kaytranada – Return Of The Mack (J Dilla Blend)

Kaytranada.  J Dilla. Kaytranada + J Dilla.  Kaytranada + J Dilla + Mark Morrison... sometimes it’s only music that allows people to come together and collaborate in the most unexpected ways. No matter what generation the artists come from, or what musical period – all you need is a few instruments and some software, and suddenly the impossible is made possible.

This is the whole art of the mashup, which « good old » Kaytranada has got down to a T (we know all about his talent for producing as well as making super slick remixes), and his ability to mix up genres without making any gaffes. It’s quite a rare gift, to be fair.

So when our friend from Quebec decides to pick up the vocal line from the hit-sounding « Return of the Mack » from the R’n’B singer Mark Morrison, sticking it smoothly to the instrumentals from sadly departed Jay Dee, it’s gonna sound pretty summery… and pretty sexy too, we thought we’d point out.

His work is all the more remarkable because of how neat the end result is, despite the difference in tempo between the Mark Morrison original (which came out in 1997) and J Dilla‘s beat boom bap. All that’s left to say is that this track absolutely belongs on your holiday/beach/love playlist.


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