On the end of April, we had the chance to meet Moony Me while he was at the Badaboum for his first time in Paris. So please read on and discover his roots, his first EP on In The Box Records and of course his favorite drink 😉

Hi Eduardo, we are very pleased to speak with you and to be with the guys from Fouk and InTheBox Records Juliette and Thomas.
It’s the first time that you play in France, no ?

Yeah, it’s the first time and I’m really happy about it and having all you guys around ! 🙂

Can you say a few words about you and where you’re from ?

Where i’m from ? That’s always a difficult question… Let’s sum it up. I lived in Venezuela until I was 8, then I moved to Munich with my whole family and there where I spent all of my youth.

Then I went to Graz in Austria to study and it was not very successful in the beginning. (laugh) Graz was a very neat, very nice city but also quite small and quite limited in it’s possibilities. At some point I decided to quit my studies and to move to Vienna one and half year ago.
Then I started studying again and this time for good as I really love what I’m studying right now, which is Computer Music and Electronic Media.

I’m 23, and I’ve been making music for almost 10 years now. I’ve started making Hip Hop, Beats and really bad tracks that I don’t want to show yo anybody now (laugh) I was also playing guitar at that time and it really made the connection

Later I got on Electronic music, a lot of commercial shitty stuff but quite fast I got then into techno it was more or less at the time when this minimal wave was going on, especially in Munich.
After I got a bit more into House music and found myself a passion for Soul music. Also Disco and Fusion Jazz, a lot from the seventies, that’s what I like to work with. I love to sample a lot.

Just to sum up you are Eduardo, but you are also Moony Me…

Yeah! I forgot to mention it (laugh) Moony Me is my artist name.

Moony is like the moon.

Moony translated is like kind of dreamy. Dreamy, is something that like a line that goes although my music.
But there are also some anecdotes with the moon : It stands for the night which is basically when I work as a DJ, I make music that is played in the night or made for night use.

What is you setup today ?

At home I have a MPC 1000, a drum machine, my vinyls for sampling and a lot of effects.
A lot of changes since I’ve started studying at Vienna university as I have access to a lot of really analog experiments studios where there is a lot of modular, synthesizers and tape machines. A lot of good quality stuff that I couldn’t afford! My sound started to be more experimental and analog sounding.

Can you tell us how you want from something which was more like a hobby to something much more serious ?

I had a mentally shift, like before « Music is my passion, I love to do it and everything » but at some point it started reflecting what I really wanted to do with my life. To be honest I took conscience that music was all my life.

What is the difference between digital and analog releases for you ?

I believe that digital is fast, you can release something really quickly with digital but it seems to me that vinyls have a longer live span. When I go through my records, i’m like « Oh I haven’t played this one for a while etc » while it is not the same thing when I go through my digital stuff.

Let’s talk a bit about Vienna and of course Roman Rauch, who seems to be a huge fan of yours 🙂

Roman is by now a really good friend, I got to meet him when I booked him for an event that I was and I am still hosting in Graz, Maesonic.
When I moved to Vienna we got in touch again and since then we have been regularly making music, jamming, going out together and from time to time playing together.
We come along quite well both musically and personally 🙂 But it makes sense there is not to much people in Vienna into that sample based stuff. The only other guy that come to my mind is Sam Irl, also a great producer, I really want to work with him.
We have some plans for the future but we will get to that later.

What are your thoughts about the new Funky-House scene leaded by guys like Max Graef or Glenn Astro ?

I don’t think that this scene is really new. I believe it has always been here even if in the past years it has been very present especially through guys like Box Aus Holz crew, OYE Records in general, Ava from Cologne, Cuthead from Uncanny Valley… You are from Paris so you must know there is a strong connection between these guys and Paris or the French scene. Which makes senses because of this french touch sampling stuff…. And what was the question again ? (laugh)

What is your opinion about it ?

Oh! I think it’s great! I mean right now I’m getting more into harder stuff. Through my studies, I’m interested into some more experimental stuff. But I think it’s great, I hope something bigger can grow out of it. I’m glad to be kinda part of it 🙂

What is something bigger? Is it something bigger like something bigger like Coachella or SXSW?

No, I don’t mean something like these big commercials events. People’s awareness is raising, I hope people will go deeper into digging. This sound is a reminiscence of the past, with the sampling and the reference to the 90’s with Chicago and Detroit music.
I think it is always important to know your roots 🙂

Now let’s speak about your new EP on In The Box Records, but first what is the sample from the track « Closer » ?

It is not a sample ! I played it myself and I sweated that it is not sampled. I was improvising into the keyboard and here it is 🙂

moony me  ep

How did you manage to have Jacques Renault, Junktion and Lay-Far making remixes of « Closer » ?

It was all thank to Juliette and Thomas (TvFrom86) for making this happen and to have me playing here in Paris. Basically, the ideas for the remixes where his (Thomas), he was like « Hey ! what do you think about Jacques Renault? What do you think about Fouk? Lay-Far? ». Of course I was like « Yeah! I would love it and if you make it happen I will be glad about it ».
Apparently, they liked the track, made their remixes and I’m really happy about this whole package.

The Ep is released today, listen to it below or you can buy it HERE

What is coming next now? What are your plans?

Obviously, the EP on In The Box, later on I have an EP on Klamauk, a really nice label from Meinz which has released good music from Johannes Albert, Tilman and Roman Rauch. There is going to be a remix from someone you must know well but I cannot say more (laugh).
There are also some tracks on Various Artists compilations. One on a Mexican label called, another one on Rose Records then on Sex Pound White and a Remix from Roman Rauch and myself for Oliver Bernstein on Lone People Finest.

And I’m also starting a little label with Roman Rauch, the first EP will be a collaboration of us with 3 tracks we made together and two remixes from very fines artists (since the interview the label has been created, more info HERE).

Will you play live or just keep on deejaying?

I played live but I haven’t been playing live for a year now. Of course it’s more expensive for the promoter to book live and they just get an hour instead of more with a dj set. But I would really love to play live soon!

If you were a cocktail, what would you be ?

My drink of choice is Gin Tonic because it’s not so sweet as the other drinks and I feel like the hangover it’s not so hard.

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