Hindi Zahra – Homeland LP

Following the success of Handmade, an album that surely will be seen as a standout album of our generation, Hindi Zahra has returned to us from her great musical journey, Homemade in tow.

Hindi wanted to place her Moroccan influences at the heart of the project. Yet, faced with a far more complicated and interconnected musical history of not just Morocco but also other regions, the project has become more of an eclectic and meandering musical journey.

A month before the album’s release, we were given the first track, “Any Story”. Hindi Zahra was never going to lose any of the refined class that seems to radiate from her, but nevertheless it was obvious from this first offering that this album was to be far more ambitious and polished than its predecessor.

The video foretells of a timeless and captivating album. Immediately we are carried away by the sounds of the guitar, played by Touareg blues authority, Bambino, and it is clear that Hindi is at ease amidst the plethora of genres she was raised on. The overall effect is that of a nostalgic tranquillity. Halfway through the album we find the song “Can We Dance”, a pop hymn with a vibe almost as overpowering as her “Beautiful Tango”, a wonderful fusion of South-American rhythms and Southern Spanish gypsy guitars, where Hindi Zahra continued recording the album. Here’s a live version of this tune:

Throughout Homemade, her voice comes across more mature, almost as if marked by the stories she tells. The textures flow, never quite the same, like a stream flowing quickly and purposefully. Of course the journey doesn’t stop here. Hindi Zahra has just embarked on an international tour as of 20th April and will be playing dates in France, Turkey, and Canada, to name but a few.

Check here to see if she will be performing near you.