Guts & Mambo – Beach Diggin' Vol.3

It’s the season for keeping cool; for shorts, tank tops, sandals and sunglasses. It’s also the regular rendezvous for groove-soul-disco-funk-bossa-jazz and affiliated enthusiasts.

These sun-soaked sounds could be seen as the seasonal fruits just waiting to be plucked from bounteous branches then blended into an aficionados’ musical cocktail, just like we did, but for now we’re going just going to relish what Guts and Mambo have to offer us.

Following the release of their most recent album Hip-hop after all  last September, Guts is still alive and kicking as witnessed in the 3rd edition of their Beach Diggin’ compilation, a project created with sidekick Mambo (who does the artwork).

The concept is simple: to dig up the smoothest tracks from the furthest reaches of the earth, and blend them together into one euphoric summer soundtrack of balmy temperatures, crystal-clear seas, and beautiful beaches.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where the music’s from. Even if it’s dominated by the magic triangle of Brazilian-Jamaican-Tobagan music, Beach Diggin’s goal is, above all else, to be, to live, and to make the most of the present moment. A hedonism as much at ease with rich Amazonian production as it is with the spartan comfort of a desert beach, this is a reserve stock barrel to open on some cold day in the distant future.

Although nothing necessarily groundbreaking, the tracks, from places ranging from the Caribbean to North Africa and the States, stay true to the project’s founding philosophy: Beach Diggin’ is a state of mind.

Before we go, here’s a little extract from the compilation. It could easy be from one the New York soul studios that are back in vogue, but instead is Tunisian. We’ll tell you this now, Beach Digginis full of surprises.

One simple piece of advice from Limonadier land: go lose yourself in these exotic sounds. We’ve said it and we’ve said it again: it’s awesome. So if you have a few quid left over from your nighttime vices, we highly recommend investing in this project.

Beach Diggin’ Volume 3 is available on CD, vinyl and MP3 now.
Cheers 🙂