Garden City Movement – Modern West EP

Since first appearing on the electronic scene a year ago, Garden City Movement, the trio from Tel-Aviv, has been very busy releasing two EPS on the label BLDG5 Records. Both EPs have received great reviews. The three Israeli musicians unveiled their third project at the beginning of April, entitled ‘Modern West’.

The release of the first single had us all in a flutter- ‘My Only Love’ had captured us from the word go, but let’s concentrate on the chorus:

“My only love sprung from my only hate”.

With these emotive, Romeo and Juliet-esque lyrics, one can begin to understand why this track has had our heart beating so fast in recent months.

The recent release of their second track ‘Recollections’ has the potential to win over even the hardest critics, being a patchwork of chopped samples that are deconstructed and reassembled in a piece that is more dynamic and experimental than ‘My Only Love’, flirting this time with a groovy vibe.

On this third EP, Garden City Movement maintimes the same initial base consisting of soft electronic layers, set in motion by almost being assaulted by synthetic rejigging. « Sorting Things Out » is the perfect example:

On the title track « Modern West », it’s hard to say if the group tends to lean towards western-pop-vibes in respect or mere irony. It is therefore difficult to assign the track to a specific genre because Garden City Movement takes advantage of electronic music using more raw and traditional sounds borrowed from the English rock of the 90’s. Perhaps they’ll soon announce a change in musical direction? GCM is a young group in constant evolution, so this would not be surprising.

« When we had it easy » is a beauty, full of tropical rhythms raised by staccato electronic beats. It’s very pleasant to listen to, topped with a sweet voice that is perfectly integrated with the instrumental. A lovely track that would be best enjoyed on the beach with your other half, cocktail in hand.

It’s kind of the ideal soundtrack for the beginnings of a romance. While maintain a sensitive and caressing line, GCM never leans towards ease or repetition. The background music of beautiful stories.

For a more long term commitment, you can get the vinyl here here.

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