Floating Point – Elaenia LP

Sam Shepard, AKA Floating Point, is not the type to sit around doing nothing. When he’s not researching neuroscience, the geeky producer likes to keep his ears open to everything, and he’s got an inbuilt quality sensor. A part of the British electro scene as in depth as it is popular (from Bonobo to Four Tet), Floating Point stands out with his eclectic, genre-spanning music. To give you an idea, we suggest you tuck into one of his wonderful records, Mandarinereleased last year under his label Eglo Records:

Judging from the first releases, we can expect more space dedicated to acoustic samples, including « Silhouette (I, II, III) », which you’re certainly listening to right now. The hot, jazzy sound of the snare guides us serenely through many phases, with the distant and powerful sound of the Rhodes swelling as the track finishes on a high. Surprisingly we found a nod towards Radiohead, especially in the raw, heavy bass which brings the groove up to the calmest parts of the track.

We’re obsessed with the vocal harmonies that arrive from beneath as if to say « yeah it was already cool, but so what », embellished with an array of violins, never kitsch, which brings an almost cinematographic dimension to it. After this little joy of sound, we find ourselves almost one on one with a drum that is never anything but class. We find our old friends, the strings and the choirs, at the end of the track, giving it the feeling of a classical/romantic repertoire.

The second and final track that was released early, « Nespole », reminds us that we are still in the realm of ingenious, sophisticated electro, with vintage drum machines and synth pads to create a balance between relax and trance.

Elaenia will certainly be a big hit for Floating Point, and we patiently await the release date, the 6th November. And to help you wait, here’s a nearly 6 hour long gold mine of sound which explores an impressive range of styles, whilst managing to stay coherent. It’s the product of a collaboration with his friend Four Tet, and it’s magical:


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