mr mendel

The last track you heard before answering this interview ?

Heard Antal play this on a festival last weekend, was a great moment and a great track. So it’s been on repeat for a few days to bring back the happy memories of dancing in the sunshine.

The last track you heard while making love ?

Hahah, usually i dont really listen to music in that situation. There are other sounds to enjoy.

The last vinyl you bought ?

Something that was on my wishlist. I came across a pretty affordable copy in japan. Wasn’t so affordable after i had to pay import taxes. Damn customs!


The last gig you had (where you performed) ? How Was it ?

Hemeltjelief festival here in Amsterdam. It was a family friendly festival, with a lot of children. Tough crowd hahah.


The last festival planned for this summer ?

Djoon Experience in Sicily. Was definitely one of my highlights of last year. Small chilled out festival, with some beautiful beach and boat parties, sweet (parisian) people, nice music and great food of course. What more could you ask for?

The last production you did ? A little story behind it ?

I just finished a remix for Seven Davis Jr. It’s actually my first remix to be released. Very happy to have worked with Seven, he is one of my favourite house vocalists and producers at the moment.

The last track you oftenly play in your dj set ?

I love something sweet on the end. I could play a set with only ‘last tracks’ to be honest, so its hard to pick one. But this always gives me the chills.

The last vinyl you would sell if you were obliged to ?

Do I really need to think about that? I guess a record that I got as a present. Or my own records. Would be a pitty to not have one to show my grandchildren haha. 

The last concert you saw ? How was it ?

I saw a little showcase by Bruxas at Lentekabinet festival. A new group from Amsterdam, it was their first performance. Still a few things to work on, but it sounded promising for sure! 

The last track you would like to hear before dying ?

I wouldn’t need no music, I’d rather talk with the people I love.

But the first artist I really loved as a child was Tracy Chapman. I guess it would be soothing to go out with that…

The Limonadier question : If you were a drink/ cocktail what would it be ? 

A caipirinha with only a little bit of sugar. Sour, sometimes a bit sweet and packs a whole lotta punch.

Thank you mate ! See you on saturday for Shake ! party @ La machine du moulin rouge, Paris. 



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Darone de la Bande, rédactrice mais aussi responsable des partenariats et des événements du limonadier. J’aime la Funk, la Black Disco et la House music. Pour vous donner une idée, mes plus grandes claques musicales : Gerd Janson au Pano, MCDE au Weather, Jamie XX au Pitchfork et Aretha Franklin au Ravinia Festival, Chicago…Et beaucoup d’autres en fait !

Mon Cocktail Préféré :
Un Mojito bien dosé bien sûr !


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