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After Giovanni Damico, Black Loops or DJ SCM, we are starting to believe that at Limonadier we have a little crush on Italian producers thanks to new mixshake from Ruff Stuff!

Ruff Stuff, is a duo composed of Nanni and François, producers and label bosses, we spent a nice time with them while making this interview! So press play, discover their amazing selection and enjoy the reading 🙂


Hi guys! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves, something that we won’t see on your discogs Bios?

We are two old friends that always have been passionate about music. We came from the same town in Puglia (south of Italy) but in the last few years we lived in Milan and we both worked in creatives environments.
We recently moved in Berlin to find new opportunities to develop our label Ruff Stuff Music Ltd and be more connected with the electronic music scene, that here seems to be much more open and collaborative than in Italy.
Living here is very stimulating and we feel we are improving our creative process and creating new interesting music that will come out later this year.
We also are a graphic designer and a video-maker, so we always try to use these competences to develop our label and our project.
We just open our new studio, where we are spending the most part of our time and we would like it becomes a sort of “creative lab” for our producer friends. The idea is to have friends working there with us on making music, share ideas and play together.

Do you have a production routine?

There are no routine in our production process. Sometimes we listen to many records before starting producing, or if we already have a strong idea on what we want to do, we just go straight on it and work until something good comes out.
In general when we start a track, we first create the groove and then we add all the other elements. But this is not a strict rule, we rely a lot on what we feel at the moment.

What is your preferred piece of gear to make music and why?
Nanni: I love to put my hands on everything is hardware, feeling the consistency of a machine. We have different synths and drum machines in the studio, but if I have to choose one as favourite, I’ll chose the Arturia Microbrute. It’s a real monster: versatile, easy to use, fat. We can use a lot of sounds from it that fit well in our music.

Francois: I think I don’t have a favorite gear. I think a track is like a picture: when you paint you use different colors to create a whole piece of art. With music it’s the same, different gears contributes to create a unique homogeneous sound. At moment I really like to use my old sampler AKAI S3000xl because it gives us the opportunity to resample very old stuff from my archives.

Why have you launched your label Ruff Stuff Music Ltd?
We decided to launch our label because we felt the need of having a space where we can put the tracks that really characterize ourself and our vision of house music.
On the label, we are free to release all these tracks that would be difficult to include in a closed category. In our vision, the music on our label is not pure House, not Disco, not Techno or Deep. It’s just a mixture of all of them: we call it Ruff Stuff…. ahahahah 😀

Can you tell us your top 3 dancefloor-banging tracks of the moment ?

François :

Decas – Body Bass (Uaudio)

Mr Beatnick – Ice Cream Strut (Francis Inferno Orchestra Remix) (Tief Music)

Xenogears – Second Room (Pushmaster)


Nanni :

RVL – Track 2 (Axe Traxx)

Earls Boom!!! Edits – D-D-D (Earls Boom!!! Edits)

MM & Roy G – Duality (Feat. Ff) (Big Doint)

What are your plans for the coming months?
We will be playing around Berlin and Germany in the next months, often with our good friends of Rarehouse Records.
From the producing side, we are actually working on the 4th release on our label, that will include 3 original tracks from us, plus a remix from Black Loops.
At the same time, we are collecting tracks for the 1st V/A on our label. There will be 3 very talented Italian artists plus us.
We will come back on Rough Recordings with a digital Ep, and a track on their next V/A vinyl release.
In the next few months there will be one track on a V/A on Bress Records. It’s a new vinyl only label from our friend Bress Underground, keep an eye on it because is releasing very good house music.
There are some more projects in progress, but will share them with everybody in the next months.

And the Limonadier’s question we always like to ask – if you were a drink, what would you be?
Nanni: that’s a nice question… as I like traditions, I will say the traditional drink from my hometown: a sweaty Peroni beer!
Francois: It’s a very difficult question to answer! 😀 I think I’d like to be a long Island!

François : C’est un question bien difficile ahah ! Allez, je dirais un long Island !

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