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Dorsi Plantar
Dorsi Plantar

Spring is here in Paris and Dorsi Plantar’s latest EP “Everlast” freshness, soon to come on the outstanding label Better Listen, makes us love the sunshine! We are very proud and happy to make you discover as an exclusive premiere, “Fool’s Gold”, a track with a lot of groove. Nevertheless press play and discover Dorsi’s background, an artist to keep an eye on.

Hi Rune, can you tell us a few words about yourself and your moniker Dorsi Plantar?

Konnichi wa! I am super excited to have my first premiere on Limonadier; actually one of the first blogs to share some of my tracks back when it all really kicked off, just a few years ago. Anyway, I will try to keep this short.

My name is Rune, I am a 27 year old dane living in Copenhagen and Dorsi Plantar is my producing, wax-pancake flipping alter ego. I first started playing music when I picked up a pair of drumsticks in primary school. Today I am a full blown vinyl addict, and chopping disco and soul jams is my thing. Right now I am quite into sample-based house, which is thankfully a very broad classification.

The name Dorsi Plantar is relatively new. I recently changed my alias, both because I needed a fresh start and because my previous alias, Lydidyl, was practically impossible for non-danish speakers to pronounce without spraining a muscle in the process or literally having to spell it out every time. I knew I needed a new moniker the second I first heard an english speaking radio host try to pronounce it. Actually he was Scottish, which didn’t help. Dorsi Plantar will most likely also leave people with a big question mark hovering over their heads, but at least it doesn’t sound like a shitty-named pharmaceutical drug.

What was your creative process for your EP Everlast on Better Listen ?

When it comes to producing music I work best at night. There’s something magical about the hours between 11PM and 3AM. Especially in weekdays. There is much less noise and I find that the ideas just flow better. It is totally worth the struggle the next morning.

The Everlast EP has been in the works for quite some time. I worked on all the tracks simultaneously and I think that that is also the reason why they are all so different. Every track has a different mood and setting. To me it was important that the EP showed some creative variety. I don’t want to limit myself to a “sound” or just stick to what I know. I like to test myself and I enjoy working with constraints in my creative process. All four tracks on the EP are quite sample-laden, so creatively I tried to build the tracks up around them but I still believe that I managed to add a lot of myself to the tracks in the process, if that makes any sense.

Why have you named your track Fool’s Gold? What is the story behind it if there is one ?

The overall theme of the EP is a reference to geology and is inspired by a very special person in my life. Fool’s Gold, or pyrite to the pros, is a shiny yellow mineral that resembles gold (at least superficially), but is not at all as valuable. The track has a powerful vibe and to me it oozes confidence, just like pyrite, but I guess I liked the fact that the name had a self-critical and respectful vibe to it too; these tracks are not the “real gold”, the original tracks are.


And the Limonadier’s question we always like to ask –  if you were a drink, what would you be?

Probably a black russian. I’ve had so many of those that my blood may be half kahlua, half vodka.


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