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dj glc shift limited
dj glc shift limited

Today we are glad to share with you DJ GLC’s “Paradise House“, an extract from is upcoming solo EP on his imprint Shift Limited. This label has been famous for bringing back to the front Enrico Mantini, the 90’s Italian genius. Gianluca shared his thoughts on how to create and manage a label, on the italian scene and a bunch of other stuff, like Italian wine 😉 So press play and enjoy the reading! 


Hi Gianluca, can you tell us a few words about yourself?

Hi Paul , first of all thank you 🙂
I’m Gianluca Aka DJ GLC , 33 years , from Rome , Italy. I’m a Dj and producer since I bought my first pc286 in 1996 more or less with inside Reason and bought some little hardware stuff Roland , Korg and the common stuff was going on in that period….then I was affascinated in London in 1997 from the first vinyl I bought , the first experience in listening this magique sound , so I was wondering about have two turntables , and I found via some friends a couple of Technics 1200 and start making practice with some friend playing hip hop & R&B (I was making graffiti in that period) scratching and first hip house was in my ears. Near end of 90’s I start go out with some friends here in Rome and was my first time in a club and the first time I’ve listened to house and techno music , so curiosity in that genres grew , and Re-Mix record shop was my favorite place to listen and buy music.
Then I moved to Florence to study and I start going out with friends and had my first residency at klik club in center of city , and many appearance during 10 years in many clubs of the city , tenax mum prive during nobody’s perfect , f.e.m. alongside djulz, carola pisaturo , lattex+ my latest experience in Florence. During this last years I played some records in bologna at dok show , cirq Venezia , animal social club in Rome , Egg in London , Lokal Istanbul , ipse in Berlin , prince Charles & many others. During last 15 years never stop buying records and synths , hardware stuff , and practice in music production.

Why have you created Shift Limited? What is the philosophy behind the label?

I’ve started Shift Limited label during a transition period of my life . I was coming back in Rome after 10 years in Florence , I was really dedicated in Music daily , making tracks tracks tracks , so it was necessary have an output for my ideas. Speaking with Niko (Nasty Boy) he introduced me to DBH distribution and Robert Drewek make possible everything. The label in first releases was a test, but the imprint is based on my background soi t takes its influences on a many styles but mostly from house music, deep house, techno stuff. The beginning was really difficult, five years ago there was no hype like today. I’ve invested money, then I met with francesco from DNArt and we decided to make togheter the label , they had many experience about djing in italy and into production , but they never approach label and distribution , so togheter we take a clear direction into what we like and we made our first basement traxx vol1 including our tracks , then we repressed Enrico Mantini as 4th release and this was our focus point , the label start be a little bit more known and we improved our energy.
The philosophy is to make quality stuff, sell good products, and have fun first of all!

How do you handle A&R? Is it only House music?

A&R is very difficult. We do no not focus only on house music. We receive many demos weekly and sometimes it’s a waste of time , many people now pretend to be on vinyl without have any kind of passion or sacrifice as we had. But sometimes we receive incredible demos and the saturated market doesn’t help the process. This is why we are making some other projects in order to have an output for new faces and only Music will speak. Good music doesn’t need big names behind the scene.
A&R is what we search and look for, so we decided to not accept demos anymore, but only ask to what we’re interested into. In the future Shift LTD will be a platform as thought in the beginning, an output for our productions. We now have knowledge, after 15 years of experience and 5 years in the business, to offer our listeners a really good product and we are really proud of this!


How is the italian scene at the time being? The guys from 180g seems to be doing some great stuff, are there other crew like them?

The Italian scene is in a good state, even if there is a lot of competition, but we are more interested in developing altrough Europe (I don’t know why) .
But I’m really proud of my city Rome, many interesting clubs are offering quality stuff and sometimes new faces.
There are some very cool Italian parties very cool like Harmonized , Serendipity , Lattex+ , Nozoo, RNY, Dude or Sound Department Ascolti.
180gr is a great format, and I am honored to be part of this project. It is a very good platform relying on different kinds of music (out of club dynamics) and near what I do.
Now I’ve opened a new record shop in center of Rome, Soulmate, I try to make a different selection than settled stores, have a look!


Can you introduce us your first release as Dj GLC? Is it your first one ever?

My release was an hard work of many months.
I’m really proud of this and really honored of Simoncino collaboration . I touch different shades of house in 4 tracks. This was my goal.
Yes this is my first ever ep , and I will put on the wall in the studio , I have a lot of space in the wall… (ahah) so you will hear more soon!

Do you have a production routine? What is your favorite piece of gear?

After many years , yes , I have a process to make a track. I start with drums first of all then I play keyboards and other stuff on the drums I made.
Then I cut good sketch I made and I add some details to make the difference. The process is still live cuts. My favourite piece of gear used in this ep for example is Korg M1 (but I have many more favorites) , full of sounds of the 90’s and not so expensive …

Can you tell us your top 3 dancefloor-banging tracks of the moment?

I can share 3 records I really love:

MBG – Trance Wave 2

G.I.M. Productions – Deep Rho (minimono rmx)

What are your plans for the coming months?

We will be at ipse 29th April , for 3rd Birthday of the venue , alongside legends Chez Damier & Egyptian Lover , really excited about this gig!
22 April will be record store day in the shop , with long lineup with friends and special guest!

And the Limonadier’s question we always like to ask – if you were a drink, what would you be?

I would like to be a Bolgheri’s glass of wine ,
A magic place in Tuscany where I have been many times. Tip!


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