We met Plusma, the German producer behind the hit song “Bist du down”

Photo by Micha Henry

Plusma‘s name has been on the lips of every underground hip hop insider for more than a year. The ever-productive beatmaker has been creating instrumentals for rappers such as Lord Space and collaborated with Omaure and Tusken.The German producer became a well-respected and a must-listen for lofi amateurs, but it was with the release of hit song “Bist du down” that his career really took a significant turn. The song he produced for the female rapper Ace Tee quickly started trending online. Limonadier asked the otherwise very discrete artist a few questions.

Very little is known about you, could you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Plusma aka +ma and I live in Hamburg, Germany. I was born in Kiel but I moved to Hamburg to study audio engineering at SAE Institute, it’s been nearly five years now.

You are very discrete in the media, is it on purpose?

Practically nobody asks me, so it’s not wanted no. But also, I like to be unknown as a private person. It should be all about the music and not the person. It’s my second interview ever as Plusma, my first one was in the Nylon Guys mag from Indonesia.

Could you talk to us about your musical journey?

I’ve been making music all my life, I started playing classic guitar and when I was 13 I got an electric guitar, I played and sang in some punk bands. I started producing when I was 14 years old, but when I moved to Hamburg it started getting serious. I bought some decent equipment and met a lot of skilled people. One of them was Dr Woe, a Drum and Bass producer, that taught me a lot about sound design and drum breaks. When I got to Hamburg I started listening to a lot of jazz, I also got into German beats and rap like Eloquent, Luk&Fil, Figub Brazlevic, Suff Daddy and many more, that was for sure the main inspiration for me.

How did you react to the success of “Bist du down”? Are there more people who ask for a collaboration?

We never thought the song would get so much attention. It was so awesome that many people reacted to it and that the vogue brought it over to the US, I read every single Youtube comment.

Are you planning to work on another project with Ace Tee?

Yes, I am working on some beats for her. 90’s flavour guaranteed!

Your track “Sleepingonmydesk” is very different to your previous works. It sounds like you give up the hip hop side to explore something more experimental.
Are you about to work on other genres?

I’m not giving up hip hop, I try to get away from a genre. The more I got into producing different music, the more I think the concept of genre is obsolete. Mixing jazz with trap and some post-rock elements? Why not ! Fuck borders ! Refugees welcome ! Another reason the song is so different is that it is one of the first ones I made with a singer.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming projects?

I am working on many different releases, some future sounds and some projects that are more similar to my old releases.

Hip Hop in Germany seems to reach a turning point right now, what is your vision of the whole thing?

I think it hasn’t changed for years, except that most rappers use trap beats now, but I am not so familiar with the latest German rap scene. I am more into instrumental music, so I can tell you Germany has one of the best beatscenes all over the world.

After the lofi trend and the 90’s revival, what do you think is going to be the next wave in hip hop music?

I hope lofi isn’t a trend and will be here forever. If you ask me the next big thing is RnB in new packagings. I would love to hear more singing and less rap in the beat scene.

To finish, the Limonadier signature question : if you were a drink, which one would you be?

An apple limonade of course !


Thanks so much for answering our questions for this interview !


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