No longer alone at night with Vesuvio Solo

Vesuvio Solo

We’re well and truly into autumn now, so it’s time to adorn your musical habitat with soft pillows and keep cosy in a bed full of warm melodic waves. You could say that Vesuvio Solo’s second album, which has been released in France on the label Atelier Ciseaux has come at just the right time. The album provides a generous dosage of comforting musical medicine, best listened to as you’re zipping up your jacket outside a library after an evening of studying and staring out of the window into space.

The coolest Canadian band at the moment according to Inrocks magazine (how long exactly does ‘a moment’ last ?) have essentially gone for a sophisticated rather than cool soft-rock vibe, perfect for walking down the street of an evening with or without a sophisticated studenty-looking jacket. Let’s start off with the eponymous title “Don’t Leave Me In The Dark” and its very beautiful, very fetishistic video full of lots of other very very sophisticated things:

Vesuvio Solo
 is the project of the Canadian Thom Gillies, ex-member of the Canadian group Tops, put together with his Canadian compadre Cameron MacLean. Friends since their first meeting at college in CANADA (I’ve said Canada too much), their current musical symbiosis seems to have come from afternoons of guitar playing, learning Limp B… Wait, no, according to my sources it was Van Halen riffs. Anyway, each to their own.

Two years after the duo’s first album Favors, which had some great tunes on it, they’re back with an exciting project, still full of references but more restrained and tight, like a pair of skinny jeans. The album is very modern-sounding considering its warmth and boasts some timeless melodies. A plethora of small sonic details really make things come to life and make you want to get all sophisticated. And by that I mean it makes you want to truly savour every last one of those saxophone solos.

AND THERE YOU GO, the album in its entirety, a piece of brilliance that has come to us at a pretty bad time for modern indie rock:

Let’s carry on enthusiastically and say that we love the heady and nostalgic “Mirror Held to the Flower” (proof in our October compilation). But you’ve also got “Memory Loss” with its flute solo that invokes sitting one morning on a terrace drinking a papaya tea overlooking an exotic landscape. Speaking of solos, “Nimbus”’s sax makes us feel like we’re floating softly home on a psychedelic carpet.

It’s an album that makes you think “This is really good, who’s is this vinyl? Oh, I don’t have a turntable. I’ve just clicked on the Soundcloud link below”.

So if you never want to feel alone again listening to your nighttime lullabies – and to your random thoughts – you now know what to do. And for those who want the vinyl – you can find it here. The band was playing in Paris to celebrate 8 years of Atelier Ciseaux Monday 10th October at the Supersonic, and it was great. The band are also play Alphaville in New York City on November 3rd. Cheers 😉

Vesuvio Solo