Hi Guys, what does COEO mean?

Coeo has its origins in the latin language and means something like „to unite“.

We thought it’s a suitable word for describing what a DJ’s job is all about. Music unites people and the dancefloor is the perfect place to form this unity where everybody can feel free and have fun.

How did it all started?

Flo bought his first DAW (computer software for music production) at the age of 15 for 30€. You were not able to use any plugins or effects in this programme but it was good enough to sample music. He used it for several years and even won a remix contest with this programme. Think it was the same time when we bought our first turntables but we haven’t had enough money to buy 2, so we had to share our turntables and bought a mixer together. We didn’t go to the same school, but we have known each other from skating. On our first gig we played Hip Hop and Flo had to leave the club at 12 because he wasn’t full-aged, haha.

After finishing school we moved to Munich and decided to get more professional and that’s how we got here…

From where comes your love for the groove?

We grew up with listening to old- and mid-school hip hop from the 80’s and 90’s, where sampling played an important role. That’s probably how we came in touch with all the funk, jazz and disco stuff because we also wanted to know how these guys like Dilla, Premo or Madlib produced their music and how the originals were like. Nowadays I would even say that we prefer listening to Jazz and any kind of World Music records at home, because it gives you the opportunity to relax and it’s simply good music. Sometimes it’s a good inspiration for making music, too (and our neighbours really appreciate the fact that we are not listening to 4-to-the-floor-bass-music 24/7).

Do you have a production routine? How do you work together?

Most of the time one of us starts a track on his own, then we show the track to each other, talk about it and finally finish it together. But the first production steps are long listening sessions, because nearly every Coeo song contain samples. We usually spend many days & nights digging through our record collection, going to record stores or searching for new disco and funk stuff on discogs and our favourite blogs!

With whom would you like to collaborate ? (labels, artist, singer…)

To be honest, we have never really thought about that properly. We feel honoured that we are in a situation, where we can already work with some of our favourite labels and artists. Of course there are a lot of artists and labels out there that we admire but it’s more like we look up to these guys and don’t think we are musically good enough to keep up or collaborate with them :-)…

Have you already done some live gig? Is it something you would be looking for?

We are more into Djing. So we are not planning a live set a the moment. We love going to concerts but we don’t like to watch DJs touching some knobs and calling it a live set. The track selection of a DJ thrills us way more 😉

Can you tell us your top 3 dancefloor-banging tracks of the moment?

Doc Daneeka – Save Me

Heilige 3 Koenige – Komm Lass Uns Heiraten

DJ Ciderman – Summer Groove

What are your plans for the coming months?

Working in our studio! No, just kidding. We’re going on vacation with our girlfriends 🙂

After that we’ll see what happens… playing some gigs and probably working on some new EPs for next year!

Aaaaand, there is going to be a new EP on Toy Tonics in autumn.

And the Limonadier’s question we always like to ask – if you were a drink, what would you be?

Flo: I would like to be a „Spezi“- a mixture between a coke and lemonade. My favourite one is Paulaner Spezi

Andi: I choose a beer (Augustiner Helles). It’s a very sociable drink that is welcome at any party 🙂


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L’autre papa, taulier depuis 5 ans de la musique électronique au Limo.
De la techno industrielle berlinoise à la disco house des plus groovy en passant par de la micro à la roumaine, je vous parlerai de tous les styles qui ont ce petit truc qui fait battre nos coeurs.

Si j’étais un cocktail je serais un long island ice tea, sucré mais violent.

Pour des mixs et démos, c’est par ici >> https://soundcloud.com/polairwatso


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