Mixshake & Interview | Cody Currie

Cody Currie Mixshake Limonadier
Cody Currie Mixshake Limonadier

Brexit, such a pity that might makes us miss some young talents such as Cody Currie! He has already released some great material on Pusic and Better Listen and amazes us all the way! Discover Cody Currie’s exclusive mixshake for Limonadier through one hour of pure groove split between jazz and disco influences to pure House. Moreover read how you can make some great tunes with almost nothing!


Hi Cody, can you tell us a few words about yourself ?

I was born and raised in Leytonstone in East London (A renowned cultural hub of London…). Started producing music around 4-ish years ago but did a fair amount of shredding on the guitar before that. Now studying music in London.

What was your moniker BUFFA for (thanks discogs ^^)?

This has cropped up before haha. It was just a name I used a few years back when I was playing around with genres. When I thought I had found my sound I just used my real name. It also it sounds a bit like a Grime MC alias which is another reason I made the change ha.

What is your Re-Jazz / Regroove concept ?

It initially started as just playing around with small sections on my MPC, It was mainly hiphop instrumental tracks I really loved which I wanted to play in a club setting. I thought they could sound cool if I added my own piano/Rhodes section or something along those lines. The “Re-Jazz” name I just thought sounded funny as it wasn’t really serious and wasn’t a remix either.

Do you have a production routine? What is your favorite piece of gear?

The routine tends to change from track to track, although almost always use the MPC 1000 and a really shitty digital Roland synth called the XP-10 which I found in a bin ha, you have to hit it to take away the tremolo which can sound cool. Nothing really works properly but I manage to fit it in with some editing usually. At the moment i’m trying to add more live playing and record field recordings using a dodgy Tascam handheld mic. My favorite would probably be the MPC as it is the most reliable and my microphone at the moment as i’m trying to incorporate vocals.

Can you tell us your top 3 dancefloor-banging tracks of the moment?

It seems to change quite a lot but I’ve got a few which have worked well before.

Romare – ‘All Night’ (Ninja Tune) It was released at the end of 2016 and still love playing it. Ninja Tune is always great! Got a real tribal spaciousness about it.


Weyman Corporation – ‘Kumbayero’ (Barclay) is 70’s French Afrobeat/Funk track. I like it because it’s pretty interesting all over, love the backing vocals think I found it going through my dad’s stuff. Works great with the right crowd.

Max Graef & Glenn Astro – ‘China Nr. 04’ (IMYRMIND Remix) Is a great one for me, like the really crunchy percussion and the acid influence a lot.

What are your plans for the coming months? any release ?

I’ve got a few things coming out this year, taking my time just to make sure i’m 100% happy with everything. There is one in the works for Razor-N-Tape, such a great label looking forward to it. Also have an EP in the works for Velours Records which is a new label from Luvless. I’ve just done a track on a V/A for Lemonade Records, a new label which is one to look out for. There’s a couple other releases i’m working on but I’ll spill closer to the time.

And the Limonadier’s question we always like to ask –  if you were a drink, what would you be?

A keg haha um no, liking rum a lot at the moment maybe Ron Zacapa Cuba Libre.

Cody Currie’s Facebook

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