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Soul Clap

Upon their visit at the club Nuits Fauves alongside Wolf + Lamb, in paris this Friday, we had the opportunity to chat with the duo Soul Clap about their ongoing and upcoming projects, as well as the New York disco scene. Enjoy the interview below!

Hi Soul Clap, can you tell us a few words about your new album?

We’re so excited to finally to release this new album.  It’s taken over four years from start to finish and it truly represents our combined musical tastes and feelings.  That is why it is self titled.  We’ve really been working hard on this one.

To discover and buy the album : click here. Let’s listen to one of the track as well 😉

How is the disco / edit scene in the US? 

Well just as disco originated in the us, so did edits with the mastermind Tom Moulton.  Furthermore, with guys like Danny Krivit, John Morales, DJ Kon, Kenny Dope and on and on, the disco and edit scene in the US is still one of the strongest in the world.  We’re proud to be a part of this lineage.

What are your coming project with your label?

In November we’re releasing the new album from Brooklyn disco sensation Midnight Magic.  Then next year we have a killer EP from Philly based Michael The Lion with a Bosq remix. After that we’re dropping a collaborative EP from us, No Regular Play and John Camp.  It’s like jazz meets electronic, with a psychedelic twist. That’s like a lemon twist except you can see God smiling.

How did you meet Wolf + Lamb?

We met W+L back in 2008.   Back then we used to see people wearing “since when do Jews make techno?” T shirts and the sound of the Marcy hotel was alive and popping with RA mixes and Ibiza voice podcasts from Gadi Mizrahi and W+L extended family like Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss etc.  Then one night after a festival in Coney Island, New York called minitek, Brooklyn was full of ravers searching for their next destination. That’s when we first heard about the Marcy.  When we arrived the place was so packed with techno superstars is was un real!  That was also the night we first met Zev.  We exchanged information with him and soon began a Skype friendship with him and Gadi.  They heard our edits (at the time we had recently finished Love Light and Conscious) and saw promise in our sound. That was the beginning and we’ve been very close ever since!

Can you tell us a few things about the scene in NYC ? We are huge fans of Razor’N Tapes but there might be more, no?

New York is really unique because the scene is so diverse. From Ghetto Gothik or techno hipsters to old school house and disco heads, from tiny basement clubs to massive warehouse raves, there’s so much for everyone. What’s extra special about New York are the disco and house music communities. People who went to The Loft or Paradise Garage or later the The Shelter or Body & Soul still throw parties and go out to dance. It’s really special going to one of Manuco’s Loft events and dancing with 40, 50, 60 year olds. Or one of Timmi Regisford’s parties in the park and hanging with families. And of course Razor N Tape has a monthly residency at Eli’s club, Black Flamingo.

Can you tell us one awkward memory of a gig?

Once during a gig in Berlin, when things were really minimal and anti disco, we were playing with Gadi from w+l playing slow mo house, funk/disco records and a fair amount of yacht rock.  Some of the crowd really did not like it and started throwing macaroni at us that skipped the records.  It was bizarre…

Can you tell us 5 tracks to smash a dancefloor?

Right now?

Sylvester – Mighty Real (Kon Edit)

Michael The Lion – Side Of Life

As we didn’d find that track, we putted another one from the same artist but that’s the mood 😉

Mighty Dub Kats – Just Another Groove

Lego – El Ritmo De Verdad

Anderson Paak – Am I Wrong


If you have to select 3 records to spend the rest of your life with on a desert island, which ones would you choose?

Here’s 3 albums… Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters, Funkadelic – Let’s Take It To The Stage, Tribe Called Quest -Midnight Marauders

If you were a drink (hard, soft, whatever) what would you be?

Charlie would be an Arnold palmer and Eli would be a Negroni.

Thanks guys !

Very glad to see you playing @ Nuits fauves this Friday alongside Wolf+Lamb.



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