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Times Are Ruff, it is not an article about politics in the world or global economy, it is an awesome label set in the Netherlands led by three friends. These guys are also great producers and we are more than happy to welcome them for an episode of our Mixshake series. So press play while enjoying a good piece of paper.

Who is behind Times Are Ruff ?

We are Alex, Jason & Pete

How did everything started? What are your goals both for the label and for music production?

Well, the long version (cut short) is this: Richard (the un-offical 4rd member and master of the smoke machine during our practice sessions) started collecting house records in the 80/90’s, taking his brother Alex along the way and they started Dj’ing in those days, making mix tapes for Illegal radio and such. Alex and Pete were in high-school together and Alex got Pete Dj’ing as well. Pete in his turn got in touch with Jason and eventually started producing for several live-acts. Pete and Alex were reunited somewhere in the 2000’s after some time apart and then spend some serious time in the studio, that’s where the Times Are Ruff project was born.

And goals, well. Have fun, make more music, world peace and unicorns…fluffy bunnies

How do you select artists that are released on TAR?

What we like, we release. Both from ourselves or incoming demo’s. We have our regulars of course, but we keep an open mind. As long as we feel the music, we might select it for the label.

Do you have a peculiar routine for music production?

Not really to be honest. Basicly it is just having fun and see where we end up. One way of working is not really our thing, we like to approach things from different angles & try different techniques. Keeps it fun and most of the times educational as well. Trial & error

Can you tell us your top 3 dancefloor-banging tracks of the moment ?

  1. House Of Jazz – Hold Your Head Up (Version)

2. Tevo Howard – Dusa (Rough Mix)

3. Jacques Renault – You’re Gonna Want Me Back


What are your plans for the coming months?

We have TAR 12 & 13 lined up for the next months, on 12 we see the return of Junktion (his interview and mixshake are there) together with a remix by us.  We also have been busy working on a special project for our friends of Tomorrow is Now, Kid! which, we hope, is about to release any moment now.

What is the most awkward thing that happened during a gig?

Awkward? Awkward is our middle name..

And the Limonadier’s question we always like to ask –  if you were a drink, what would you be?

Well, all alcohol is equal, but some alcohol is more equal than others. Although we not discriminate amongst alcohol, we have to say Wine. #ps: we like the frenchy wines




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