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Mad Mads Local Talk
Mad Mats Local Talk


Today we are pleased and blessed to share with you this interview from Mad Mats, fo-founder of Local Talk Records with Tooli. The swedish label is a big name and a reference of the House scene. More than 90 releases have been made along the one from S3A, Lay-Far, HNNY, Kyodai. As we are lucky enough to welcome him for our next party at Djoon on the 10th of March, we asked him a few questions and he made us this wonderful mix. Press play and enjoy the reading !


How would you define Local Talk’s identity?


A very (!) free and open minded idea of house music.



How do you seek new talents for Local Talk?


Actually we don’t really seek that much any longer, the talents find us these days ;). But after working with clubs, labels and DJs since the mid 90s I’m blessed to have a good contact net of producers.



What do you think of the parisian House scene those days?


If you’re looking for that soulful house sound Paris is simply THE place right now. It’s also a dancing city, no where else can you see full dance floors even if the club just opened or is about to close. In most cities the parties only have a few peak hours where the dancers go at it, but not in Paris 🙂



Looking forward to our gig @Djoon on March 10th (yeepee!), can you give us a few hints on the upcoming various artists on Local Talk? How have you curated the tracks and artists? What is the A&R behind it?


We have new single releases from Terrence Parker, Cuthead and DJ Spinna. On the album front we have our anniversary album entitled “Local Talk – 5 ½ Years Later” together with artist albums from Marcel Lune, Crackazat and our latest signing Jaxx Madicine. As for A&R methods, we just trust our ears…If it sounds good 🙂


What is your most awkward party memory?


On my first tour in Japan back in the mid 2000s I got serious stomach flu and I had a bucket by my side on the first gig…did not look good 😉



Can you say a few words about your other projects Basic Fingers and Omena?


Basic Fingers = hush hush 😉

Omena = Tooli’s private label


Can you tell us your top 3 dancefloor-banging tracks of the moment?

Terrence Parker – “Gratiot Avenue Piano” (Local Talk)

Josh Milan“I Will Wait” (Honeycomb)

Osunlade“No Way” (BBE)


Which track(s) would you choose to define Soulful house music to the masses?

Frankie Knuckles“Tears”

Michael Watford – “Love 4-2”

Fingers Inc – “Bring Down The Walls”


What are your plans for the coming months?


We’re currently working hard on our upcoming anniversary compilation “Local Talk – 5 ½ Years Later” which will be out very soon.



And the Limonadier’s question we always like to ask –  if you were a drink, what would you be?


Well, I’m afraid we don’t go for drinks that often so…


Mats: Cortado

Tooli: Black coffee


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