“I’M UUGLY” – a new understanding of beauty

Jeremy Underground Beauty



Warning! Contagious content! “I’M UUGLY”DUCKWRTH‘s new album has finally landed on our territory and is already making some serious waves, threatening to become a global phenomenon. With a certain solar presence and a potent communicative energy, the American artist is committed to the niche of hold-all alternative Hip Hop. That’s no shock when we’re talking about this talented musician, whose interest go well beyond the musical depths….

Native South Central, the rapper represents a pretty unusual aesthetic which stands up for artists being allowed to bloom and grow through their work. So what’s his credo? To transcend all ugliness, taking all of its singularities which make us each unique to bring a whole new branch of possibilities to the fore and so create a whole new understanding of beauty. He summed up his concept-cum-creative process perfectly at the Come Up Show, famously saying: “Real creation is acception, and acceptation is peace.” DUCKWRTH’s aim is clear – he wants to make the public dance. And he gets there, exceptionally well.

“Get Uugly” itself played a pretty strong hand to hit us hard – very hard – and as an added bonus it was produced by Like, who also wrote Kendrick Lamar‘s “Dying of Thirst”DUCKWRTH nonchalantly slings his lyrics around with a curiously happy flow. It’s irresistibly addictive and we’re defenceless faced with his originality and incredible choice of female vocals which creates a balance of textures in true DUCKWRTH style.

Lets take a closer look at “Rare Panther Beach House”  the charming mystery piece of the album that fluidly melts two songs together but stands out alone – maybe to better inaugurate the two prisms of the relationship, the feminine and masculine. DUCKWRTH sets out from the starts with some explicit references to carnal and wild love with “Rare Panther”, until the perspective changes and grows upwards. So we’re surreptitiously getting a bit closer again and becoming witness to this intimate moment, with soft words and languid feminine whispers in DUCKWRTH’s ear…

DUCKWRTH’s chosen route may seem a bit simplistic, but that’s only before his extremely developed upstream work is taken into consideration. “I’M UUGLY” breaks free from the purely virtual dimension that we’re so used to in this age of dematerialised music, and it takes a different turn. As a professional graphic designer with a degree in design, DUCKWRTH directs his project with a deft hand, making all the sleeves himself. Things like that don’t just happen by chance, the album has a strong identity – the result of a long, very long, development process all overlooked by the attentive musician.

We’ll be direct – with his claimed aesthetic identity and degree of artistic perfection in his work, DUCKWRTH is setting the bar pretty high. The opus of incredible musical quality is haloed by DUCKWRTH’s secure flow. He’s a man of all battles who manages to slip in a few well judged gimmicks and gives way to an original voice in RnB composition. DUCKWRTH wanted to see the world through rose-tinted glasses, and on his way to achieving that he’s definitely tinting alternative Hip Hop with bright and lively colours.