Saturday 29 April 2017 - 09:18


Cody Currie Mixshake Limonadier

Spring is here... Or not! But Cody Currie's Mixshake, a young and gifted londoner, will make your heart shine and your happiness blossom in a thousand flowers

Dorsi Plantar

Discover Dorsi Plantar's latest release "Fool's Gold" exclusively on Limonadier, an extract of his Everlast EP on Better Listen Records

dj glc shift limited

Discover Paradise House an extract from DJ GLC's first EP, label owner of Shift Limited

Times Are Ruff Mixshake

Discover Times Are Ruff, an outstanding label from The Hague in the Netherlands but also a trio of gifted producers

Mad Mads Local Talk

A great piece of interview and an outstanding mix from Local Talk's Boss, Mad Mats

ruff stuff mixshake

Ruff Stuff a gifted duo and an amazing podcast


Le Cocktail du Mois

Nos Meilleures Bulles

We met Plusma, the German producer behind the hit song “Bist du down”

Plusma's name has been on the lips of every underground hip hop insider for more than a year. The ever-productive beatmaker has been creating instrumentals...

Cadillac Freeze fires up the Hip Hop rocket for an R’n’B expedition

We keep on banging on about this, but - the world of music is merciless. And we've found ourselves saying it once again when we discovered...
Times Are Ruff Mixshake

INTERVIEW + Mixshake | Times Are Ruff

Times Are Ruff, it is not an article about politics in the world or global economy, it is an awesome label set in the...