Cadillac Freeze fires up the Hip Hop rocket for an R’n’B expedition

We keep on banging on about this, but – the world of music is merciless. And we’ve found ourselves saying it once again when we discovered the rapper Cadillac Freeze. Our radar somehow missed the release of his album Good Vibes Only last year and it went by unnoticed. But after stumbling upon this pot of gold, your favourite webzine couldn’t reasonably keep such a find to itself and so we have endeavoured to share it with our dear readers scrollers…

It all started with the discovery of a track which had one of the most enigmatic titles we’ve seen:“El Miraj in Tha Garage”. Admittedly, we had come face to face with this unidentified musical object, a veritable pearl from a new genre which made us weak at the knees. And then the rest of the track unfolded, everything took shape, had a meaning, by the still very uncommon means of Hip Hop composition…

This little nugget woke and whet our music-loving appetites. And this first little trip definitely couldn’t just end there, and so their latest album (released last July), called Good Vibes Only, appeared triumphantly on the horizon. In fact, such a remarkable entrance happens in many cases and for many artists as the result of a lucky coincidence covering up a disappointing discography. But what we were about to hear exceeded all expectations….

We would describe the Californian rapper/producer’s own distinctive style of RnB as ethereal and somewhat disconnected from the world around, though definitely in the same ballpark as his colleague  LIKE (who we’ve talked about in a previous article). Cadillac Freeze advocates a profoundly laid-back, slightly strange and bloody well uplifting brand of music.

Whether the rhymes are sung or even muttered on the track “One Life” – who cares. The production leaves all earthly dimensions behind in search of another more abstract realm, one shrouded in cotton-wool white mist.

The track “Stupid” highlights the rapper’s subtlety and delicate touch as he manages to make the vulgar melodic, fusing tender vocals with a measured flow. Although the artist identifies with a melodic, sung RnB, we can assure the purists that our gleaming star isn’t going to give up rap yet, as the track “Rapgame Bruce Wayne” proves.

“Ladies Love Kool James” speaks for itself in demonstrating the versatility and effectiveness of the artist. A nugget of hybridity, mixing eighties electro beats with harsh rhymes and mellow backing vocals. A complete winner.

Good Vibes Only has easily won us over, firmly establishing a framework of a perfect and precise Hip-Hop aesthetic in a single album. The album’s sensual philosophy as set in motion by Cadillac Freeze‘s predecessors: to mix hip hop and enrich it with true RnB, enshrouding it with an almost feminine, romantic aura. It’s effectiveness is made possible by the infusion of several genres – not just hip hop, but electronic and rock tones. Cadillac Freeze….take note of the name, because you’re going to be wanting more, we guarantee it….


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