Brawther – Endless LP

There are some artists who will never disappoint you, and each of their releases is a synonym of excellence. Alexandre Gouyette AKA Brawther is one of these artists. On the the exchange platform Discogs, people are fighting over every single thing he has released on Balance (and Sublabels) or My Love is Underground. To meet the expectations of his fans and mark the fifth anniversary of his collaboration with Chez Damier, Brawther spoils us by releasing a triple LP named Endless which includes most of his most popular tunes as well as an unreleased remix.
For this occasion, the 9 songs that make up this collector triple LP have been mastered in a great new way. You can hear them all below.

The first vinyl record opens with ‘Asteroids and Stardust’, a long electronic/ambient ballad which is a true invitation au voyage. The B face unveils the ‘Ultra Deep mix’. It is a remix of the tune that lends the album its name, perhaps because of its coherence. This track is slightly more house and fast, with a rhythm that makes it both profound and energetic. The second record turns out to be drastically more agressive, mainly because of the (hotly anticipated) repress of all the tracks on the album: ‘Le Voyage’, which was released for the first time in 2010 on a sublabel of Balance Recordings and limited to 500 copies. But this feeling of aggressiveness is also due to the presence of ‘Don’t Go’, which was initially released on Jeremy Underground’s label (My Love Is Underground). Two tracks, clearly dancefloor-oriented – with particularly agressive kicks.

The third vinyl beautifully closes this compilation with an unreleased dub remix of Jeremiah’s classic track ‘Kwawuleza’, as well as ‘Come Inside’ and ‘VXVXVX’, Brawther’s latests releases on Balance which came out a few weeks ago and are already out sold out – therefore necessary for any collection. So one last advice: hurry up and get it soon because Brawther’s record get sold very easily…
Bonus: The only thing that is missing on Endless: this little wonder… which also happens to be one of the Bicep’s and Detroit Swindle’s favorite. Maybe yours too soon?

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