Binny’s interview | before PWFM003 – Mars Attack!

It’s been a year since we introduced you to PWFM, « the first collaborative and interactive electronic community ». Since then the community has continued to make waves on the music scene, acting as a springboard for young talent through the radio, podcasts, competitions and even soirées at Fluctuat Nec Mergitur in Place De La République.

For their next event – their first foray into night hosting – PWFM will take over Glazart with winner of the springboard-competition and resident artist, Manka and Koddy, as well as promoting artists otherwise rarely seen in Paris – the mysterious swedish duo SHXCXCHCXSH and English techno artist Binny. You may have seen him at Possession in Paris last May, or more recently in London in October, but if you weren’t fortunate enough the last time, March 4 brings another chance.

In the meantime, we’ve done a quick Q&A with the ever discreet but well-respected artist Binny.


You’ve been producing techno for a few years now with some impressive releases with Orbis Records, Suburban Avenue, Monnom Black, CFLT Militia… all whilst remaining relatively discreet. Can you tell us a bit about your journey ?

I first found my love for techno about 15 years ago at the Voodoo, Bugged Out and T-Funkshun nights in Liverpool and after that there was no turning back for me. I actually ended up running a couple of different techno nights myself (called Alcatraz and Rehab) with John Heckle and his brother Bill which was lots of fun and only fuelled my desire to start making music. Despite this, I only properly started producing around 6 years ago since moving into a new house and creating a studio to work in.

Orbis records was the first techno label to stand up and take notice of what I was trying to achieve and I’m truly grateful to Dries, who runs the label, for giving me the chance to showcase my music to a wider audience. He holds many of the same musical values as myself, especially a love of oldschool, no-nonesense techno and I think that’s the main reason why I’ve now had 4 EPs on the label with hopefully some more in the future.

To give us a bit of context for your sound, who and what would you say have been your greatest influences and most memorable gigs ?

My main influences are pretty varied these days. I’ve always primarily loved the music of Jeff Mills and Robert Hood and would say they’re my number one influence, however I also a big fan of Regis, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, Ben Sims, Steve Rachmad and many others.

I find it hard to pick specific nights or gigs as a favourite as they’re all different experiences and therefore enoyable in different ways. I certainly enjoyed playing in Paris last time though, so can’t wait for the PWFM gig!

What are your current and future projects ?

At the moment I’ve got a few different EPs that are finished and some that are in-progress (plus some remixes!). I’ve been quite busy in the studio over the past year but the only one I can safely announce at this moment is “Devil’s Orchestra EP” on Tortured. It’s due out in March and I’m really happy to have a release on Billy Nasty’s long-standing and legendary techno label.

Myself, Mark Forshaw and John Heckle have recently set up our “Boss Tracks” label to showcase our output as the Phantom Planet Outlaws. It’s something we’ve been meaning to do for a long time and because a lot of techno is quite dark and serious these days, we’ve tried to inject a little bit of fun into our work with cartoon artwork on each of our releases. We’re still not sure what we’re going to do for the second release, but we’ve got a lot of tracks saved from our live sets which could be compiled into an EP so watch this space!

It will be soon be your second time playing in Paris, a hotbed for electronic music. How does the scene compare back home in England?

My home city of Liverpool used to have a fantastic techno scene although it has been overshadowed by the likes of Manchester and Birmingham these days, which hosts some seriosuly amazing nights. It’s great to see great clubs like House of God still going strong and I was priviliged enough to go to the Q Club, The Orbit and Voodoo before they closed down. Techno seems to have had a bit of a resurgence these days and there’s new nights starting all the time – I think it’s a good time for techno in the UK. Strangely I don’t seem to get booked that often over here though – it might be because of the CLFT link that I play more gigs in France than anywhere else, which is fine by me because the crowds have always been very receptive to what I play. It’s for this reason I honestly can’t wait to play again in Paris!



If you were…

  • the first track you think about

    Difficult question, but if I had to choose I’d probably go with the one I’ve played the most over the years which is Jeff Mills – Step to Enchantment. It’s catchy and has a raw energy that works on the dancefloor every single time.

  • a masterpiece track

    Robert Hood – Minus. He’s one of the few people who can make a 6 minute long track without any drums interesting from start to finish.

  • a lately released track


    Psi-DOM – Ars Nature Ministra on Falling Ethics. Hypnotic polyrhythms and crazy riffs make this one I’ll definitely play a lot in the future!

  • a track you made

    If I had to choose, my favorite track is (perhaps surprisingly) Minimise on my third Orbis EP. It’s a lot deeper and more minimal than a lot of the stuff I make but I think I actually managed to achieve a level of subtletey with that track that I normally find quite difficult.

  • a french city for music

    I kind of have to say Paris here don’t I? Haha. In all seriousness, the last time in Paris was amazing although I’ll always have a strong affinity with Lyon as that’s the home of CLFT and I’ve had several amazing gigs there too.

  • an english city

    Manchester. There’s good techno on there every single weekend!

  • a city from anywhere

    Detroit – it’s where it all started. I’ve not been there but I hope to visit the DEMF one day as it looks like an amazing experience.

  • a pioneering city for music

    Berlin… the city that never sleeps. People seem to live and breathe techno there.

  • a label

    I’d have to say Tresor as it’s the label that brought a lot of Detroit techno over to Europe. It’s still going strong today but some of the earlier releases from Joey Beltram, Surgeon, Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes etc are not only my favorites, but probably some of the finest pieces of techno ever made.

  • a club

    Another difficult question and I imagine most people say Berghain. I’ve never actually been but it’s high on my list of places to visit… so lets go with that

  • a festival


    The main festival I’d like to go to in Europe is Dekmantel as they have some seriously good lineups on there!

  • a machine


    I love my Roland TR-909. It’s honestly quite amazing how it’s underpinned generations of techno and its sound is still heard absolutely everywhere to this day.

  • a B2B

    I love playing back to back with Mark Forshaw and John Heckle. We all like similar kinds of music so there’s always a nice flow to our sets when we do this.

  • a perfect line-up

    Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Underground Resistance, Steve Rachmad, Surgeon, Regis.

Thank you Binny !




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