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Limonadier is now available in English thanks to my inimitable team of French-reading, English-writing waifs and strays. We translate the articles from French, and write new pieces in English. I like haze pop (Beach House), lyrical hip hop (Rejjie Snow, French 90s), bass (Thundercat, bassy dance music, and things like Pixies and Jack White) and that mysterious genre of proper music which we don't discuss much here but is quaintly known as 'classical'. *** Il était une fois, le Limonadier était une publication uniquement francophone. Puis vint l'équipe British, lancé par Miss Joanna avec le précieux soutien des chers fondateurs, et c'était parti, vers l'infini et au delà ! Mon cocktail préféré: tequila, citron vert, sucre de canne.
Bon Iver 22, A Million
This article was written by a dream team duo and can be read as a Bon Iverian manifesto by two representatives of the LS (Limonadier Snowflakes): Mathilde is a young pop fan full of potential. She likes getting her Vans dirty by pogoing...
Local Natives Sunlit Youth
 Will the "Coldplay model" spell the end of folk? The ubiquitous British band Coldplay exploded onto the international scene. The band became a symbol of how folk-pop-rock-indie became the sort of commercial drivel that fills stadiums and arenas. The "Coldplay model" is...
We Move James Vincent McMorrow
 James Vincent McMorrow's We Move is a leap forward   James Vincent McMorrow is a bearded, sensible chap, and resolutely Irish to boot.  This is all the information you need to guess that team tearful kittens loves him vewy much. His first album, Early In The Morning, was...

Le Cocktail du Mois

Nos Meilleures Bulles

ruff stuff mixshake

Mixshake | RUFF STUFF

After Giovanni Damico, Black Loops or DJ SCM, we are starting to believe that at Limonadier we have a little crush on Italian producers...

Binny’s interview | before PWFM003 – Mars Attack!

It’s been a year since we introduced you to PWFM, « the first collaborative and interactive electronic community ». Since then the community has continued to...
Times Are Ruff Mixshake

INTERVIEW + Mixshake | Times Are Ruff

Times Are Ruff, it is not an article about politics in the world or global economy, it is an awesome label set in the...