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Vesuvio Solo
We’re well and truly into autumn now, so it’s time to adorn your musical habitat with soft pillows and keep cosy in a bed full of warm melodic waves. You could say that Vesuvio Solo’s second album, which has been released...
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Le Cocktail du Mois

Nos Meilleures Bulles

Local Natives Sunlit Youth

Local Natives- Sunlit Youth

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 Will the "Coldplay model" spell the end of folk? The ubiquitous British band Coldplay exploded onto the international scene. The band became a symbol of how folk-pop-rock-indie...

3SomeSisters: a sensual pop foursome

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3Somesisters aren’t three (huh ?) but rather four cheeky personalities, hailing from all around the world (Latin America, central Europe and the Indian Ocean) who,...

JakeGHNM & BubbleWild prove that Germano-American rap is doing just fine, thank you.

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Just like Barney Artist (who we wrote about a few months ago), the American rapper Jake GHNM is part of a new generation determined to restore Hip Hop's reputation...