3SomeSisters: a sensual pop foursome


3Somesisters aren’t three (huh ?) but rather four cheeky personalities, hailing from all around the world (Latin America, central Europe and the Indian Ocean) who, together, make up an explosive and unclassifiable electro-pop cocktail. This funny kind of sibling-set, made up of Sophie, Anthony, Bastien and Florent draws its strength from its showmanship and a vocal polyphony of ever relentless accuracy, as we can see here in their live recording for Le Bento:

Both eclectic and electrice, what these curious creatures do can only be described as an orgy of all genres, varying from electro swing, tribal music or jazz. Following a debut EP, Cross, released in 2015, 3Somesisters return this year with a new opus, entitled Rope, which will bloody make you want to dance. We’ll let you judge for yourselves with “Fall Apart”.

The band performed last month in France at MaMA Festival, on 14th October. We interviewed the band recently, prior to this performance, of which we will give you a taste below with our ‘rule of three’ interview:

Three influences who helped you form the style you have nowadays ?

Sophie : The Pope

Anthony : Björk

Florent : Freddie Mercury

Three different versions of how you four all met? (Unicorns and any other fantasy animals aren’t allowed.)

Sophie: We met at a strawberry festival in 1993, in Ardèche. We are all very fond of this fruit so we hit it off… surrounded by strawberries! Back then the strawberry wasn’t yet organic but hey, let’s say it already was. Otherwise people will think that you eat like shit, and we can’t have that.

Anthony: We met at a speed dating event.

 Florent: We met at a lesbian wrestling match. You’re already more interested, aren’t you?

Three key events in your musical journeys?

Anthony: Les Trans Musicales (a French music festival held in Rennes, Brittany), the arrival of our partners and of Virginie, our manager.

Bastien: The first orgy… No, being serious, the Paléo Festival in Nyon this year.

Florent: And Gay Pride! Look, now you have four.

Three words to describe your world?

Florent: Ethnic, glam and queer.

Three forms of artistic expression that you use other than music?

Sophie: Dance.

Anthony: Singing and painting.

Bastien: Earlier we were talking about theatre. Despite not considering ourselves as thespians, there is a certain theatricality to our performances.

Florent: And fashion!

Three ‘must-haves’?

Florent: Adidas tracksuit bottoms with the print down the side. What’s best is to have the shorts, they’re more original.

Sophie: Dungarees. So nineties!

Bastien: And the Béton Ciré beanie hat. It’s so in, so now.

Three musical guilty pleasures?

Sophie: Céline Dion, a national treasure. But there’s not one bit of guilt.

Florent: We accept everything! I myself very much like the Umbrellas of Cherbourg. It’s a bit corny but at the same time it makes me laugh. The fourth or fifth time that I watched it, I mustn’t have been very well because I moaned. Perhaps I was depressed.

Bastien: I’m not guilty!

Florent: Oh yeah and other than the Umbrellas, I also listen to that stupid ‘Milkshake‘ song by Fergie.

And we’ll end with Limo’s signature question: if you were a drink, what would you be?

All four: Diplomatico rum, without ice.

Bastien: We don’t have much choice because we have a half-Venezuelan with us so it’s important not to mix with your Diplomático … anything!


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