Dorsi Plantar

Discover Dorsi Plantar's latest release "Fool's Gold" exclusively on Limonadier, an extract of his Everlast EP on Better Listen Records

dj glc shift limited

Discover Paradise House an extract from DJ GLC's first EP, label owner of Shift Limited

Lucy Dacus

and she recommended a lot of cool things to listen to !

Plusma's name has been on the lips of every underground hip hop insider for more than a year. The ever-productive beatmaker has been creating instrumentals for rappers such as Lord Space and collaborated with Omaure and Tusken.The German producer became a...
Times Are Ruff Mixshake

Discover Times Are Ruff, an outstanding label from The Hague in the Netherlands but also a trio of gifted producers

Mad Mads Local Talk

A great piece of interview and an outstanding mix from Local Talk's Boss, Mad Mats

It’s been a year since we introduced you to PWFM, « the first collaborative and interactive electronic community ». Since then the community has continued to make waves on the music scene, acting as a springboard for young talent through the...
ruff stuff mixshake

Ruff Stuff a gifted duo and an amazing podcast

3Somesisters aren’t three (huh ?) but rather four cheeky personalities, hailing from all around the world (Latin America, central Europe and the Indian Ocean) who, together, make up an explosive and unclassifiable electro-pop cocktail. This funny kind of sibling-set, made...
Bon Iver 22, A Million
This article was written by a dream team duo and can be read as a Bon Iverian manifesto by two representatives of the LS (Limonadier Snowflakes): Mathilde is a young pop fan full of potential. She likes getting her Vans dirty by pogoing...