Diger Rokwell – Seeds EP

The Limonadier has been keeping up with the Australian artist Diger Rokwell, waiting for new tracks to be gradually leaked onto the internet. The talented Ashley Hosken (his real name) is the founder of one the most secret clubs of Australian good taste: his collective Community Records which brings together a myriad of independent artists. Nine EPs have been released from Rokwell’s goldsmithery since 2009.

In addition to his solo project, he joined forces with the singer Felicity Groom and released New Parts in 2014. The duo  Rokwell&Groom pleased their fans with a lunar and chill album, and now is the perfect time to discover or rediscover their hit « Waiting »:

His last EP Seeds was finally unveiled online at the end of June, mastered by Dave Cooley, well-known for his work on J Dilla’s and Peanut Butter Wolf’s productions. Diger Rokwell has this rare faculty to communicate a palpable know-how and affection through his music, demonstrating that the Australian Producer treats his tracks with utmost precision and that music is a serious matter. Perhaps he gets this from the languid rythm of his songs, or the presence of real instruments on electronic beats…

The new opus starts with « You », a psychedelic piece underlined by muffled and esoteric guitars. Rokwell seduces you like a snake charmer, you easily let it go in full confidence on this exhilarating ballad:

Diger’s musical range is deeply imbued with his numerous round-the-world trips, a characteristic that brings him closer to the British artist Damon Albarn, both music chameleons mastering genres and sharing a commun interest in World music. His track « Take Flight » sounds clearly influenced by Air, especially their productions of the album 5:55 from Charlotte Gainsbourg, while keeping dynamism and an underlying Gorillaz-like rock spirit.

« My Heart », one of our favourite tracks on this EP, is a real breath of fresh air with its evanescent introduction giving free rein to Rokwell’s psychedelic imagination. A song to dance to, or listen to religiously…

Diger Rokwell is one of these producers able to transmit emotions through his music, we got shivers down our spine listening to his new tracks. Seeds is a very good EP, particularly life-saving for this summer, a profusion of sounds following one another that keep rolling like waves. The multi-instrumentist convinces by mixing electronic beats and inspirations from traditional music with a dreamy psychedelia. The artist is currently working on new tracks with Felicity Groom and we’re looking forward to hearing more!

Seeds will be officially released on July 24, but you can pre-order it digitally on iTunes HERE

You can listen to the EP in its entirety and pre-order the vinyl on Diger Rokwell’s Bandcamp page right HERE