Club Limo #1 – Artist Spotlight – Fouk

First things first, let’s introduce Fouk. The duo is made up of Daniel Leseman and Hans Peeman AKA Junktion, who both hail from the green, green fields of Holland. Speaking of « first things »… You might recognise Junktion from our very first mixshake in January 2015, nearly 8 months ago! How time flies. Check it out here.

Daniel and Hans met back in their school days, where they shared and developed their musical tastes together, spending their days devouring their vast vinyl collection. Despite their tender years, they got properly into all of the machines and circuits as would make the proudest middle-aged cable geek proud. After a while they realised that going into music production could really happen…and so it did. Big time. Today they are much more than mere producers/DJs, and have created their own label, Outplay. « First Things First EP », their first release, brought them into the public eye, and they were praised by critics and amateurs alike for their cool, enchanting house.

The EP is made up of four tracks: side A has two Fouk tunes « Stuff Your Dad Liked » and « Cat Lady » (which has become a true classic)

The two productions are classic Fouk, with masterful sampling, a snappy rhythm, and distinctive groove. On side B there’s one of Daniel’s tracks, and one from Junktion: « Keep On Moving » and « Tuesdays ». They reflect each artist’s source of inspiration. It’s success is partly down to a harmonious mix of drum pads and pared-down rhythms, and partly down to it’s cool use of synths and samples. The bar has been set pretty high.

After this first EP, the pair both decided to take a break and go back to their day jobs. Daniel somehow found the time to release an EP from Outplay, « On the Fritz », and Junktion has released a mere five EPs between 2014-2015.

But never fear, they are quite clearly back- this year Detroit Swindle reported that they will soon be signing the duo on their label Heist Recordings, with « Kill Frenzy EP ». It has three beautiful tracks, which take us back to their original sources of inspiration, back to the foundations of jazz, soul and Black music. These strong roots, combined with their house dynamic, is a truly wonderful combination.

We had the great pleasure of inviting the pair to the first edition of Club Limo at La Plage du Glazart on the 30th August 2015 in Paris. This was their first performance in France and they certainly rose to the occasion. We’ll leave you with one of their most delicious mixes released under Déliceuse Musique. Press play and enjoy!