Choir of Young Believers – Face Melting (music video)

Choir of Young Believers is a Danish band created by Jannis Noya Makrigiannis in 2007, but let’s be clear, we just copy/pasted this sentence from Wikipedia. Yes, I, as writer of this article definitely take responsibility for this; I had never heard of them before. Until I came across this track, ‘Face Melting’, the first excerpt of an album to be released on the label Ghostly International. But above all, I came upon the music video, which happens to be the most bewildering illustration of a track I have seen in the past three months maybe (which is quite a lot nowadays cf. ‘Jason Statham in Crank’).

There is something wrong going on in this music video. What is it exactly? Oh, just a few details which taken separately could be just insignificant, but when you look at the whole ensemble, the video turns into one big WTF: slo-mo lofi images, a lead singer who poses in a stained pair of shorts, and Adidas jacket and holding a cup, a Renault Twingo parked in a brush-like landscape, a moustachiod grandpa wearing a hoodie from da ghetto who smoking a rollie, a kid and baby cats hanging around down here… At some point the singer starts to dance on his own, just like a hipster in a R’n’B club. Only this takes place on a random shed construction site. Actually, it’s just indescribable. Just check out this video, and it’s find for you, we’ll talk about actual music afterwards.

Hey, still there? So are we. You’ve got to admit that this experience actually proved to be rather fascinating and funny. Indeed, this electro-pop song that gets to the edge of experimental makes it all more confusing and weird. Just like a heart that suffers from a condition, this tune derails from time to time, and then re-accelerates with a beat that comes out of the blue, which kind of takes us in spite of ourselves in a dance high on codeine. Also, we shall add that the ‘Come on’ gimmick that pops up all along the tune is a rather good idea.

This awkward atmosphere somehow recalls the Gayngs project, a collective of artists dedicated to the glory of 1980’s soft rock and R’N’B, which collected together artists such as Bon Iver, Poliça, Solid Gold… Of course, they would produce a pretty kitsch/corny mixture, but there was undeniably some insight, and those compositions would eventually be as smooth and fluid as an email without an attachment (but with added saxophones). So we hope Choir of Young Believers will keep on going in this reflexive way, both shaky and touching, and anyway interesting.

WARNING – THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH CLAIMS TO BE ACTUAL MUSIC JOURNALISM (i.e.: we’re pretending we knew this band before).

Let’s note that this new output seems to pull the band out of its comfort zone, namely a very orchestrated pop music, which was meticulous and very very well produced, and which on top of that was featured by truly nice arrangement ideas. However, this music was sometime slightly tedious, and unfortunately this would make us less excited about it. But that doesn’t prevent the band to get to big success with its album in 2009, This Is for the White in Your Eyes, and its hits « Hollow talk » and « Claustrophobia« . In 2012 the band released the album Rhine Gold, which showed their desire to make their music more complex, while keeping the melodic clarity with their teenage melancholic ballads. While we probably would not call this music absolute dope, there are still a few tracks that catch our attention, like the long and intense ‘Paralyze’ – and its music video, which even if doesn’t reach the same level of weirdness as the one before, is still pretty peculiar:

Here’s what ‘Face Melting’ and its very ‘errrrrrr what?’ music video achieved: making us look forward to what’s coming next, and fire our interest for the music made by that old Choir of Young Believers. Which goes to show that sometimes you have to be a bit annoying for your voice to be heard…