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There are a few labels that we follow closely Big Bait Records is obviously one of them. So when we got the previews from the latest EP by Chocky we rushed to press play. We hope you’ll like it as much as we did. With a minimalistic title, Sativa, and striking, colourful artwork in transparent green, the record slams us straight into the intended context: we’re talking about Stoned House here. For those who haven’t picked up on the references yet, Sativa is a sort of weed and Stroned House is House for the high. By the way, snaps to the photographer who managed to capture the cristallisation at the head of the plant, we can definitely see a first prize sticker on that one. While we’re at it, we might stick that sticker on the tracks, actually…

This EP is the London producer’s fifth product, made up of three well-finished house tracks. The first one, « Sativa » is built around hats going crazy for it, some nice paddy strings and a good rounded bass line linking everything together. There’s a little voice sample added to this comination that comes along to remind us of the name of the track. It’s perfect for afternoon chilling where a little breeze comes in through an opened window to stroke your cheek, but you could also easily hear in a deep set. The second track « That’s Right » opens the B side. There’s a very rythmic intro, vocals with an indistinct guttural sound and a heavy bass get us going. The first break gets the pad in place and the whole way the track is built becomes clear. Then the last one « Yeh Wanna » turns out to be more like a style exercise where Chocky shows us his talents of « the sampler’s sampler ». He starts off on a piano sample and then places a very natural rhythm onto it. This soft little track closes of this new Big Bait release beautifully. So all you have to do it wait for the 2nd July and get your orders in.


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